Israel’s Flu/Covid Mass-Jabbing Problem

Israel’s Flu/Covid Mass-Jabbing Problem

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israel is one of the world’s most extensively jabbed nation for flu/covid protection — not gotten, despite false claims otherwise.

Through mid-year, over 80% of its adult population got one or more flu/covid jabs, nearly 60% overall.

Last April while still prime minister, Netanyahu called Israeli mass-jabbing “enormously successful (sic)” — ignoring it harm to health, its deadly consequences to show up in the months and years ahead.

Israel’s foreign ministry spokesman Lior Haiat defied reality by calling flu/covid mass-jabbing “the solution” to the viral illness (sic).

Yet late last month, outbreaks began increasing — in summer when decreasing should be more likely.

On June 27, head of Israel’s health ministry, Chezy Levy, resigned.

Roni Numa replaced him as a Bennett regime flu/covid czar.

Nachman Ash was appointed new health ministry head.

What Netanyahu falsely called the world’s first country to “beat” flu/covid has a renewed viral illness outbreak problem on its hands.

Bennett falsely attributed increased outbreaks to what he called a “national weak point (at) Ben-Gurion airport,” adding:

“(I)n coordination with the transportation minister, the health minister and the interior minister, we decided to appoint a special director to handle transitions and prevent the entry of this virus and future variants and viruses from around the world into Israel.”

Everyone arriving in Israel from abroad who’s not jabbed or recovered from flu/covid is now quarantined until set free.

According to Bennett, his regime’s flu/covid policy is “maximum protection for Israeli citizens (sic), with minimum harm (sic) to routine and the economy in Israel; masks instead of restrictions (sic), (and toxic Pfizer mRNA jabs) instead of lockdowns.”

The above ignores that up to half of flu/covid outbreaks occurred in Israelis already jabbed.

Jabbing for protection from the viral illness not gotten greatly increases the chance of infection.

On Tuesday, Israel’s health ministry reported a 50% increase in Monday outbreaks from the previous day, the highest number since March 30.

A 42% total of outbreaks occurred in flu/covid jabbed Israelis.

Falsely blaming them on the highly publicized Delta scariant ignores that it’s no more hazardous than other strains.

Yet Israel’s health ministry attributed over 90% of new outbreaks to what it falsely called the “highly contagious delta variant (sic).”

The health ministry also admitted that the efficacy of Pfizer’s mRNA drug is far removed from what Netanyahu called “enormously successful (sic).”

High-outbreak areas in the country are now labeled red, orange or yellow zones.

Despite mass-jabbing responsibility for increased outbreaks, the Bennett regime’s health ministry may call for a third one and new restrictions.

Flu/covid season runs from October through May when outbreaks are highest.

With large numbers of people jabbed for protection from the viral illness not gotten in the West, Israel and elsewhere, perhaps record numbers of outbreaks will occur from early this fall until year year’s warm weather season.

A Final Comment

According to the pro-Western, pro-toxic flu/covid mass-jabbing, pro-inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of people WHO, it’s too soon to resume normal activities (sic).

On Monday, the agency’s so-called top emergency expert Mike Ryan warned about increased outbreaks ahead.

“It’s not like this thing has gone away. It isn’t over,” he said — perhaps with the Delta scariant in mind that’s all about mind-manipulating refusniks to get theirs.

Indeed, flu/covid outbreaks are never over. They’ve showed up annually for time immemorial.

They will ahead during the 2021/22 flu-renamed covid season and others to follow.

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