Knesset Rejects Extension of Israel’s Racist Citizenship Law

Knesset Rejects Extension of Israel’s Racist Citizenship Law

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Enduring virtually every type indignity, degradation and crime against humanity, Palestinians — including Arab citizens — are mistreated by apartheid Israel like Jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel earlier explained that “Arab citizens face entrenched discrimination in all fields of life.” 

Dominant Israeli hardliners treat them as “a fifth column and demographic threat (sic).”

“There are glaring socioeconomic differences between Jewish and Arab population groups, particularly with regard to land, urban planning, housing, infrastructure, economic development, and education.”

“Over half of the poor families in Israel are Arab families, and Arab municipalities constitute the poorest municipalities within Israel.”

In 2003 by Temporary Order, Israel’s Knesset enacted the racist Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law.

It prohibits citizenship by family reunification between Israeli citizens and unwanted Palestinian Arabs.

Ahead of Tuesday’s on whether to extend the racist Temporary Order, the Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel said the following:

Israel’s “Citizenship Law is one of the most racist and discriminatory laws in the world.”

“Passed as an emergency measure (sic), (it’s been) renewed…over the past 18 years, effectively rendering it…permanent” — until overnight Monday. See below.

“Palestinians with Israeli citizenship married to Palestinians from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (are denied) unification with spouses from ‘enemy states,’ ” Adalah added.

No legitimate ruling authorities would deny husbands, wives and children from residing together unobstructed — no matter their race, ethnicity, nationality or anything else.

None would deny family unification by falsely labeling a spouse as an “enemy state” member.

The apartheid Citizen Law is one of many Israeli ones that define separate and unequal Zionist tyranny.

It flagrantly breaches the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and other core human rights laws.

Ahead of Wednesday’s vote, Adalah “urged Knesset members to reject the extension of the temporary order, to refrain from any arrangement that would not lead to its complete repeal, and/or to refuse to vote in favor of a permanent law banning Palestinian family unification.”

Overnight Monday debate ended early Tuesday morning with 59 Knesset members for extending the racist law, 59 against, 2 United Arab List MKs abstaining.

The tie vote lets the law expire.

Calling Tuesday’s vote a motion of confidence in his coalition regime, PM Bennett urged extension of the racist law — now expired.

Following the Knesset vote, his Yamina party said “(t)he opposition…didn’t manage to topple the government, but together they dealt a severe blow to Israel’s security (sic).”

Racist Yamina interior minister Ayelet (“little snakes” — referring to Palestinian children) Shaked called the vote “a big victory for post-Zionism (sic),” adding:

“Whoever didn’t see the celebrations by Likud and Religious Zionism members together with (Joint List MKs) Ofer Cassif and Sami Abu Shehadeh hasn’t seen madness in their life (sic).”

“Together they rejected the citizenship law, an important law for Israel’s security and character (sic).”

A Netanyahu-led Likud statement said the law’s expiration “put(s) in danger the Zionist identity and security of the state of Israel (sic).”

Despite expiration of the racist Citizenship Law, separate and unequal remains official Israeli policy.

Arabs comprising about one-fifth of Israel’s population are marginalized, persecuted, and otherwise mistreated.

Expiration of the racist Citizenship Law left the scourge of Zionist racism, terrorism, collective punishment, and tyranny in place as official Jewish state policy.

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