Near-Zero Risk of Flu/Covid Harm to Children

Near-Zero Risk of Flu/Covid Harm to Children

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Managed news misinformation, disinformation, and fake news fill daily NYT editions — truth and full disclosure on major issues long ago banned.

On all things flu/covid, The Times defied science by falsely claiming the viral illness harms children.

When children, adolescents and and young adults contract flu/covid, full recovery is nearly 100% certain.

For all others under age-70, it’s 99.95%. For adults over age-70, recovery is 95%.

Based on indisputable science, nothing remotely justifies mass-jabbing madness — even if what’s promoted wasn’t toxic with diabolical aims in mind.

The phony claim about flu/covid harm to children is part of state-sponsored mass deception.

It’s all about mass-infecting maximum numbers of unwanted people to eliminate them.

The Times and other major media are complicit with US/Western planned genocide on an unparalleled scale.

On Sunday, the Times enlisted two Pharma-connected healthcare providers to falsely claim covid risks harm to children, falsely calling it “dangerous” to young people.

Along with flagrantly breaching medical ethics, they turned truth on it head, saying it’s “crucial to (jab) young people against” flu/covid (sic).

The Pharma-controlled CDC supports the same thing, at this time for children aged-12 and older.

Ahead, it’s virtually certain that the agency and other public health handmaidens of US/Western dark forces and Pharma will call for mass-jabbing everyone of all ages and health conditions — to accelerate mass-extermination of unwanted people.

No one of any age and health condition should go anywhere near these toxic jabs — designed to destroy health, not protect and preserve it, as falsely drummed into the minds of impressionable people, easily manipulated to believe almost anything if repeated enough, no matter how untrue.

The Times-enlisted pseudo-experts lied claiming the choice is either get jabbed “or eventually contract” flu/covid (sic) and its risks (sic), adding:

“Most experts now believe that the virus is destined to be endemic, meaning it will circulate among humans indefinitely.”

Flu/covid shows up annually like clockwork, then largely disappears before reappearing again.

The pattern repeats every year in similar form — without mass deception fear-mongering campaigns to get jabbed or risk catastrophic harm to health.

Based on talking points supplied by US dark forces, their public health handmaidens and Pharma, the Times falsely claimed that mass-jabbing children, adolescents, and other young people is “critical to reaching high levels of (flu/covid) protection in the US (sic)” adding:

It’ll “help prevent (the viral illness from) spread(ing) among other vulnerable adults (sic) and the emergence of more” scariants (sic).

“(W)e can safely end this (invented, not real) crisis (sic)” by mass-jabbing everyone.

The Times supports mandated mass-jabbing — to mass-infect maximum numbers of people.

What’s left of free and open US/Western societies is perilously close to disappearing entirely on the tide of compelling people to be jabbed or be ostracized from public places.

Today’s deplorable state is the result of Western societies gone rogue.

What was inconceivable not long ago is now reality, the worst of it likely ahead.

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