Alleged Assassins of Haiti’s President Killed or Captured?

Alleged Assassins of Haiti’s President Killed or Captured?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

A same-day article explained that Haitian despot Jovenel Moise was assassinated overnight Tuesday in his official residence by unnamed gunmen, his wife seriously wounded in the attack.

Were US dark forces responsible for what happened?

Evidence suggests it as a same-day article explained — gunmen calling themselves DEA agents flown in from the US for transition of power by assassination.

Eliminating targeted figures this way is longstanding US practice.

Author, historian, former State Department official-turned sharp critic of Washington’s destructive imperial agenda William Blum explained it in his books and Anti-Empire Reports.

He documented Washington’s imperial agenda from 1945 – 2005, explaining how the US tried to topple over 40 governments worldwide. 

It crushed dozens of popular movements, slaughtered millions of people post-9/11 alone, and interfered in the internal affairs of virtually all other countries, including their elections, to assure empowered regimes serve US interests. 

Blum called democracy (sic) “America’s deadliest export,” the way it should be considered anathema in the US and other Western countries — wanting puppet regimes under their control running things.

Throughout the post-WW II period, US regimes succeeded or failed in trying to assassinate the following prominent figures — among many others — Blum explained.

China PM Chou En-lai

Indonesian President Sukarno

North Korean leader Kim Il Sung

Iranian PM Mohammed Mossadegh — replaced by the CIA’s first ever coup d’etat

Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru

Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser

Hundreds of failed attempts to kill Cuba’s Fidel Castro

Attempts to kill his brother Raul also failed.

Cuba’s Che Guevara

French President Charles de Gaulle

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi

Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini

Iraq’s Saddam Hussein

Haiti is a virtual US colony.

Historian Howard Zinn explained that US relations with the Caribbean nation were always “paternal, imperialist, negligent,” and exploitive.

US regimes install and control its ruling authorities.

The US-controlled IMF “ruined Haiti’s agricultural situation, preventing them from growing their own food and sugar and insisting on them buying from” US/Western countries, Zinn explained, adding:

“(W)e contributed to the ruin of Haiti, to its lack of food self-sufficiency.” 

“They once grew a lot of rice, but now they don’t grow rice because they’re forced to buy rice from” from the US.

“The relationship between Haiti and the US has been the relationship of an oppressed colony to an imperial power.”

Today’s reality is much the same as earlier — a relationship between a colonizer and the colonized, an exploiter and vast majority of long-suffering exploited Haitians in the hemisphere’s poorest country.

According to reports on Wednesday evening, alleged Moise assassins were rounded up, some killed, others at large.

Haitian US envoy Bocchit Edmond  said some alleged suspects were caught, ones detained being interrogated, none identified.

Are the above claims cover for Moise’s elimination by US dark forces?

On Wednesday, Telesur reported that “Moise’s assassins were highly trained foreign attackers (who) spoke English and Spanish with a US accent,” citing a Haitian government source.

A same-day article explained that turmoil in Haiti nears boiling over because of untenable conditions —notably deep poverty for most of its people, hunger, lack of healthcare and virtually everything else essential to well-being.

Moise’s elimination most likely was wanting to put a lid on things before they spiral out of control.

Convenient suspects rounded up or killed by Haitian police — hours after Moise’s assassination — most likely was with this aim in mind, along with covering up likely responsibility by Biden regime dark forces for his elimination.

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