Instrument of Mass Deception NYT on All Things Flu/Covid

Instrument of Mass Deception NYT on All Things Flu/Covid

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On all things mattering most, nothing the self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind reports can be taken at face value.

On all things flu/covid since early last year, its mass deception campaign concealed the diabolical reality of what’s going on that’s all about made-in-the USA draconian social control and depopulation on an unparalleled scale.

In its latest fake news issue, the Times falsely claimed that deaths from flu-renamed covid “passed four million (sic),” adding:

The claimed mortality total is from “officially reported figures, which are widely believed (sic) to undercount (the nonexistent) pandemic-related deaths.”

Before seasonal flu was renamed covid last year, WHO data reported annual influenza (flu) deaths worldwide at from around 250,000 to half a million.

Pre-2020 CDC data put annual US influenza (flu) deaths at from 12,000 to 61,000.

In mid-December last year, NYT fake news reported 377,000 flu/covid deaths.

In mid-June, the Times falsely claimed over 600,000 flu/covid deaths since last year, claiming the US toll “is higher than anywhere else (sic).”

Pharma-connected epidemiologist Jennifer Nuzzo’s dubious claim was quoted, saying:

“The numbers may not tell the complete story (sic), and yet they’re still really staggering numbers globally (sic),” adding: 

Numbers of alleged flu/covid deaths worldwide suggest that “lower-income countries have been much harder hit than their official numbers would suggest (sic).”

Supporting mass-infecting of world populations with toxins designed to destroy pubic health, WHO director Ghebreyesus falsely claimed that alleged flu/covid deaths are from “fast-moving variants (sic) and shocking inequity” in flu/covid mass-jabbing (sic).

Since last year, US/Western deaths attributed to flu/covid were greatly exaggerated as part of a state-sponsored/media proliferated fear-mongering campaign to scare maximum numbers of unwitting people to be jabbed with health-destroying toxins.

Hospitals are incentivized to inflate numbers because they can charge more for flu-renamed covid.

Deaths are greatly inflated by including pneumonia and other diseases to the total.

Pharma benefits by cashing in on a bonanza of profits.

Times mass-deception continued, falsely claiming that covid jabs designed to destroy health “prove(d) effective against (flu/covid), including the highly contagious (sic) Delta (scariant) variant,” adding: 

“(D)eath rates…dropped sharply in many parts of the world where large numbers of people (were jabbed) (sic).”

They’re lower in the US and parts of Europe this time of year because flu season doesn’t begin until October.

From then through May 2022, numbers of flu/covid outbreaks may explode because toxic jabs increase their numbers instead of the other way around as falsely claimed.

Left unexplained by the Times and other establishment media is harm to health from toxic jabs.

They increase the risk of contracting the viral illness and other serious diseases from toxins injected into bodies of jabbed individuals.

Their toxins harm everyone jabbed. Yet as part of its mass deception campaign, the Times falsely said “11 billion doses (are) needed” worldwide — to destroy health, not protect it as state-approved propaganda falsely claims.

The Times and other establishment media are press agents for mass-infection, not protection.

Following their advice risks irreversible harm and shortened lifespans.

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