Toxic Jab for Delta Scariant Coming

Toxic Jab for the Delta Scariant Coming

by Stephen Lendman( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

All flu/covid strains are virtually alike, differences among them too minor to matter.

US/Western dark forces/media proliferated claims about a Delta scariant are pseudo-science fake news to scare refusniks into self-inflicting harm.

They’re also about pushing twice-jabbed individuals to jab more toxins into their bodies for more greatly destroying their health than already — along with letting Pfizer, and likely other Pharma profiteers, cash in more greatly than already.

On Thursday, the pro-mass infecting maximum numbers of people with deadly toxins NYT and likeminded media reported the following:

Pharma profiteer Pfizer is “developing” a new version of its hazardous to health flu/covid mRNA — DNA altering — technology.

On the phony pretext of targeting Delta — that’s virtually identical to other flu/covid strains — a third jab is coming, to be followed by calls for annual or semi-annual follow-up ones.

Claims about more contagious and highly dangerous Delta are state-sponsored fake news.

So is saying unjabbed individuals are most vulnerable to infection. Based on science — not the heavily promoted pseudo version — it’s the other way around.

Protecting and preserving health requires rejection of toxic flu/covid jabs.

According to Pfizer and mass-jabbing partner BioNTech — a German biotech company — on Thursday:

Delta is 60% more contagious than (the most common) Alpha strain (sic).

They lied saying Delta is driving outbreaks among unjabbed populations in various countries (sic).”

Calling Delta the dominant US variant at this time, they falsely claimed that new cases may be rising in the US because of the strain (sic), adding:

A slowing mass-jabbing drive and swift reopenings are also playing roles, they said (sic) — defying science.

Both companies falsely claimed that a third jab of their (toxic) flu/covid drug “has the potential to preserve the highest levels of protective efficacy against all currently known variants including Delta (sic) — a bald-faced Big Lie.

They’re beginning clinical trials in August — to be unscientifically fast-tracked like last year’s trials so mass-jabbing a third time is OK’d as soon as possible.

Both companies continue to deceive consumers in the US and worldwide, falsely claiming that “efficacy (of their hazardous to health mRNA jabs) to prevent serious illnesses remains high (sic),” adding:

“(A) third dose may be needed within 6 to 12 months after” earlier jabs (sic).

Pfizer/BioNTech’s entry into the flu/covid mass-jabbing sweepstakes — and others — got emergency use authorization (EUA) alone when no emergency exists, not earlier or now.

Looking ahead, it’s virtually certain in the coming weeks or months that US/UK/EU Pharma-controlled public health agencies will end the EUA charade by approving toxic flu/covid jabs — to be avoided, not taken.

Will mandating them follow during the 2021-22 flu/covid season (from October through May) when outbreaks are virtually certain to sharply increase.

On Thursday, CNN contributor Julian Zelizer called for “impos(ing) vaccine mandates and passports.”

Defying core medical ethics and the Nuremberg Code requirement for voluntary consent on all things health related, he recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies, falsely claiming the following:

Flu/covid jabs “perform extraordinarily well (sic), but the rate of infection is worsening in (unjabbed) populations (sic),” adding:

Delta “is offering a sobering reminder that the (nonexistent) pandemic has…certainly not ended (sic).”

Zelizer’s diabolical solution to a nonissue is mandatory jabs for all Americans.

They “must…not see this as…optional,” he roared.

Defying science, along with turning international law on its head, he said taking this draconian step for “the common good (sic) is as American as apple pie (sic).”

Extremists like Zelizer endorse mass-infecting maximum numbers of people with depopulation in mind.

“Requiring (mass-jabbing) must be at the heart of our public health agenda,” he roared — to destroy it, he failed to explain.

Also calling for mandatory health passports, imposing them will ostracize refusniks — who prioritize protecting and preserving their health — from public places if this diabolical policy is ordered and enforced.

History professor Zelizer knows, or should know, that toxic flu/covid jabs destroy health.

That’s what heavily promoted US/Western mass-jabbing is all about.

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