Con Man Bernie Sanders’ Support for Health Destroying Flu/Covid Jabs

Con Man Bernie Sanders’ Support for Health Destroying Flu/Covid Jabs

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Once a con man, always one — how Sanders operated throughout his public life as Burlington, VT mayor, congressman and senator.

Time and again saying one thing, then going another way, he nearly always supports destructive policies pursued by undemocratic Dems.

Notably he backs public health destroying flu/covid policies while pretending to want Americans protected.

“Does anyone deny that we have a major healthcare crisis,” he asked?

True enough because of increasing unaffordability, leaving most US households uninsured or way-underinsured.

His remark also relates to all things flu/covid he supports — notably the Biden regime’s diabolical scheme to mass-jab maximum numbers of Americans with unapproved, experimental drugs designed to destroy health, not the other way around.

Falsely calling them “safe and effective (sic),” he urged Americans to “continue wearing masks (that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm) and engage in social distancing” that’s all about destruction of normal interactions and social control. 

Claiming the above “is how we will beat this virus and end this terrible pandemic” ignores that protecting and preserving health requires ignoring what’s mandated and recommended at a time when a so-called “pandemic” was invented, not real.

Complicit with state-sponsored fear-mongering, Sanders defied reality by falsely claiming that a non-crisis “crisis we face from (flu/covid) is on the scale of a major war (sic).”

He urged continued use of respiratory system-destroying ventilators and need for “increase(d) healthcare capacity to handle a (nonexistent) surge in (flu/covid) cases” during months when they normally increase with no fear-mongering created mass hysteria until last year.

He also falsely claimed that the US “healthcare system does not have the doctors and nurses we need (sic). We are understaffed (sic),” adding:

“We need to mobilize medical residents (sic), retired medical professionals (sic), and other medical personnel to help us deal with this crisis (sic).”

No shortage of providers exists. No crisis.

Because over one-fourth of working-age Americans are unemployed, most others way underemployed as healthcare costs rise, an affordability crisis exists, not availability of care in the world’s richest country.

The Economic Collapse Blog explained the following:

“(T)he vast majority of the available (US) ‘jobs’ pay so little that most Americans don’t want them.”

It’s at a time of “skyrocketing” costs of housing, health insurance premiums, food and other essentials.

“The cost of living is rising far faster than (incomes so) an increasing number of Americans are not even able to afford the basics.”

“(B)uy(ing) enough food to eat is becoming a challenge for a lot of people.”

The above are real issues facing most US households, not a flu/covid crisis that does not exist.

Yet Sanders called for increased PCR testing that nearly always produces false results when positive.

He urged increased “production of critical supplies (sic) such as masks, ventilators, and protective equipment for health care workers (sic)” when none of the above is needed.

He wants Pentagon forces used to “build mobile hospitals and testing facilities, assist providers, reopen hospitals that have been shut down and expand our health care capacity in at-risk areas (sic).”

He called for “emergency funding to dramatically expand access to community health centers.”

His prescription for dealing with garden variety flu now called covid ignores reality like the vast majority of other US/Western politicians, bureaucrats, and their press agent media.

Separately, Biden regime propaganda falsely called flu/covid “a global challenge” — that doesn’t exist so US/Western dark forces invented it to pursue their diabolical mass-extermination campaign.

According to Biden’s double, the “US is exercising diplomatic leadership to mobilize an international response to (a nonexistent) crisis and (invented) health-related threats” ahead.

Interventionist Blinken added that the Biden regime is “leading the global response to (a nonexistent) pandemic (with) an arsenal of (toxic health-destroying drugs) for the world.”

Con man Sanders supports the Biden regime’s diabolical agenda.

It includes transforming nations worldwide into ruler-serf societies, along with mass-extermination of unwanted people everywhere.

Resisting tyranny is a universal right.

Now is the time to challenge a diabolical US/Western agenda no one should tolerate before a rubicon of no return is crossed.

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