Diabolical Knock on Every Door Mind-Manipulating Persuasion Ahead?

Diabolical Knock on Every Door Mind-Manipulating Persuasion Ahead?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Given the unprecedented US/Western assault on public health with intent to destroy it, perhaps Hollywood one day will produce a sequel to its 1947 Humphrey Bogart Knock on Any Door courtroom drama with a Knock on Every Door storyline based on the tenor of the times today.

About half of Americans are jabbed for flu/covid protection not gotten, around two-thirds of adults. 

It’s far short of achieving mass-infection for mass-extermination US dark forces intend.

So they’re upping the stakes for what Biden’s double earlier called a “full-scale wartime effort” — to cause irreversible harm to health and premature deaths on an unparalleled scale, he left unexplained.

Days earlier, he said “(w)e need to go community-by-community (sic), neighborhood-by-neighborhood (sic), and…door-to-door (sic), literally knocking on doors (sic)” to push mass-jabbing — as part of the mother of all mass-extermination campaigns. 

According to White House press secretary Psaki, the diabolical scheme intends focusing initially on communities where inoculation rates are low.

Along with media proliferated, mind-manipulating propaganda — based on state-approved talking points — the Biden regime intends sending emissaries of mass-extermination door-to-door, along with establishing workplace clinics, to persuade or otherwise pressure refusniks to unwittingly self-inflict harm.

A so-called Door Knocking Project to Increase (flu/covid mass-jabbing) Acceptance document and training video surfaced with instructions on door-to-door mass persuasion.

Door-knocking privacy intruders where they’re not wanted are instructed to keep tabs on who’s jabbed and who’s not, along with spreading state-approved mass deception propaganda. 

Their instructions include mind-manipulating pressure called information-spreading.

“Ignore no soliciting signs.” Knock anyway as instructed.

Pretend “(y)ou/re not soliciting.” Claim “(y)ou’re offering critical information and resources.”

Pay no heed to medical ethics because invading privacy intrusively doesn’t cross the line to illegality.

Follow instructions carefully.

“Regardless of how people respond,” stick with it.

What’s going on is reminiscent of what my memories of Harvard math instructor, musician, singer-songwriter, satirist Tom Lehrer’s lyrics to The Old Dope Peddler. 

At a 1952 freshman smoker to a packed house at the university’s Memorial Hall, he sang the following:

“When the shades of night are falling

Comes a fellow ev’ryone knows

It’s the old dope peddler

Spreading joy wherever he goes

Ev’ry evening you will find him

Around our neighborhood

It’s the old dope peddler

Doing well by doing good…

With his powdered ha-happiness”

What’s going on now far exceeds what anyone could have imagined back then or for many years to follow.

Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called the Biden regime’s diabolical scheme “a foreboding fork in the road to totalitarianism,” adding:

“We are now moving beyond the propaganda stage into this very coercive program where federal agents appear at American homes with the menacing message: ‘We know who you are and where you live.” 

“We have you on our list. We have your medical records. We want your neighbors to know that you are dangerous.’ ”

“If you want to end this harassment, you must submit to (hazardous to health) medical intervention made by…unscrupulous (Pharma profiteers) with no liability, and if you die or suffer (irreversible harm to health or premature death), tough luck!”

Senator Rand Paul slammed what’s going on, saying “government doesn’t decide who gets” jabbed. “You do” with the right to say no.

“Do not submit to the fear-mongers,” Paul urged.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called the Biden regime’s mass-persuasion scheme a door-to-door “brownshirt” campaign.

Physician Scott Jensen warned Americans “to fight like hell” against what’s going on.

Wrapped in the American flag for mass deception, totalitarian rule is the US/Western law of the land.

Political scientist Bertram Gross (1912 – 1997) long ago explained it in his book, titled “Friendly Fascism.”

He stressed a powerful “drift toward greater concentration of power and wealth in a repressive Big Business-Big Government,” Big Brother alliance, adding: 

It leads “toward a new and subtly manipulative form of corporatist serfdom.”

Author, playwright Sinclair Lewis saw it coming in his 1935 novel, titled “It Can’t Happen Here.”

So did political scientist Laurence  Britt in his 2003 article, titled “Fascism Anyone?”

US/Western dark forces want maximum harm inflicted on maximum numbers of people worldwide — with diabolical social control and depopulation on an unparalleled scale in mind.

Resist what’s going on or perish, our only alternatives.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

My two Wall Street books are timely reading:

“How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion, and Class War”



“Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity”



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