Hazardous to Health US Higher Education and Military Service

Hazardous to Health US Higher Education and Military Service

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Previous articles discussed medical tyranny on growing numbers of US college and university campuses — along with its threat against US armed forces members.

According to University Business.com (UB) as of July 7, nearly 600 US colleges and universities require students to be jabbed for flu/covid protection — not gotten — ahead of the fall semester.

Ignored is that mandating unapproved drugs breaches US federal law and Nuremberg Code that requires voluntary consent on all things related to health, stating the following:

1. Voluntary consent “is absolutely essential.”

2. Procedures must yield positive results that benefit individuals and society.

3. Procedures must be based on positive experimentation results.

4. Physical and mental suffering is prohibited.

5. Whatever risks death or disability is forbidden.

6. Risks taken should never exceed sought benefits.

7. Proper preparation in suitable facilities should precede procedures followed.

8. Only scientifically qualified individuals should conduct them.

9. At any time during treatment, individuals may cancel procedures at their discretion.

10. Procedures should yield positive results that benefit individuals and society.

Mass-jabbing with toxic experimental drugs — designed to destroy health, not preserve and protect it — flagrantly breaches the letter and spirit of the above standards.

They comprise core medical ethics physicians and other health providers are required to follow.

According to UB, only about 80 US colleges and universities instituted flu/covid jabbing mandates as of early June, adding:

Most others that announced requiring them perhaps hope that students, faculty, and other staff will comply on their own.

FDA/CDC approval may be coming before the start of the upcoming annual October – May flu season.

There are over 5,000 US institutions of higher education — defined as optional schooling for any purpose post-K-12.

If hazardous-to-health covid jabs are approved in the coming weeks or months, growing numbers of schools, businesses, and other public venues may mandate for staff and perhaps patrons.

If local communities, towns, cities, states, and/or federal law mandate their use — in breach of international law — refusniks who refuse to sacrifice their health to comply may be ostracized from society.

Is that where things are heading in the months ahead?

Will life in the US and perhaps West overall sink to the level of compulsory mass-extermination of unwanted people?

Earlier I asked if US armed forces will face medical tyranny ahead.

At the time, I suggested that perhaps Biden regime hardliners would order it.

Weeks earlier, Politico reported that US dark forces haven’t “ruled out requiring all US troops to” be jabbed for flu/covid.

According to the Army Times on July 1, the US “Army directed commands to prepare to administer mandatory (flu/covid jabs) as early as Sept. 1, pending” FDA approval, adding:

“The directive came from an execute order sent to the force by Department of the Army Headquarters,” stating:

“Commanders will continue (flu/covid jabs) and prepare for a directive to mandate” them in the coming weeks.

“Commands will be prepared to provide a back-brief on service member (jabbing) status and way ahead for completion once (jabs are) mandated.”

According to Defense Health Agency director General Ronald Place, about 70% of US Army personnel are currently jabbed for flu/covid.

The VA may mandate them for staff — because of the (nonthreatening) Delta scariant.

According to Chief of Naval Personnel Admiral John Nowell, mandatory flu/covid jabs are coming soon — likely after FDA/CDC approval.

Based on US war department data, about 72% of sailors are fully jabbed for flu/covid — 82% with at least one jab.

The US Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard will likely follow policies instituted by the army and navy.

As more of the same follows throughout US and likely other Western societies ahead, they’ll be few places in their countries, if any, for refusniks to stay safe from mandates intended to destroy health — not preserve and protect it as falsely claimed.

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