Made-in-the-USA Protests in Cuba?

Made-in-the-USA Protests in Cuba?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Sunday, the Havana Times reported that “simultaneous protests (took place) in different parts of the country.” More on this below.

When similar outbreaks occur in nations unwilling to sell their souls to a higher foreign power, US fingerprints are all over them time and again.

In late May, interventionist Blinken expressed Biden regime support for Cuban “freedom, prosperity, and a future of greater dignity (sic),” adding:

“We recognize the challenges you face in your daily lives (sic).”

Biden regime hardliners stand with “the Cuban people in your quest to determine your own future (sic).”

Weeks earlier, Blinken’s spokesman Price said the following:

Biden regime “support for democracy and human rights (sic) (is) at the core of our efforts…to empower the Cuban people to determine their own future (sic).”

Separately, the Biden regime’s State Department falsely accused Cuba of “trafficking in persons (and profit(ting) from labor export programs with strong indications of forced labor, particularly its foreign medical missions program (sic),” adding:

The Cuban government “increas(ed) the number and size of medical missions and refused to improve the program’s transparency  (sic) or address labor violations and trafficking crimes (sic) despite persistent allegations from observers (sic), former participants (sic), and foreign governments (sic) of Cuban officials’ involvement in abuses (sic).”

As always when US accusations and allegations like the above are made, no evidence accompanies them — because there is none.

Longstanding US hostility toward Cuba is all about its freedom from Washington’s hegemonic grip.

It’s been this way since Fidel Castro liberated this island state from US-installed fascist tyranny 62 years ago.

He and his successors prioritize peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations, and respect for rule of law principles.

Cuba’s main exports are doctors, teachers and goodwill. 

Many thousands of its doctors and other medical staff provide pro bono healthcare services in about three-fourths of world community countries — a policy Fidel began in 1961.

It’s in stark contrast to endless US/Western wars by hot and other means against invented enemies, state terror at home and abroad, and disdain for democratic principles their ruling regimes are intolerant toward domestically and worldwide.

Since Fidel’s leadership, Cuba has operated by higher standards.

Longstanding US policy aims to transform free and independent Cuba into a vassal state under pro-

Western puppet rule.

Imposed in 1962 under the 1917 Trading With the Enemy Act (TWEA), unlawful US embargo on Cuba remains in place.

TWEA prohibits trade with nations at war with the US. 

Since WW II ended, no nations attacked or threatened the US militarily, none today.

No legal authority exists for applying TWEA to US/Cuban relations.

During his time in office, Trump hardened US toughness on Cuba.

Days before leaving office in January, his regime falsely declared Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism (sic).

At the time, interventionist Pompeo invented his own falsified reality, saying:

“The Trump (regime) has been focused from the start on denying the Castro regime the resources it uses to oppress its people at home (sic), and countering its malign interference in Venezuela (sic) and the rest of the Western Hemisphere (sic),” adding: 

“With this action, we will once again hold Cuba’s government accountable sic) and send a clear message (sic).” 

Cuba “must end its support for international terrorism (sic) and subversion of US justice (sic).”

At the time, Cuba Study Group director Ric Herrero denounced the move, saying:

It’s a “shameless, last-ditch effort to hamstring (subsequent US) foreign policy” toward the island state.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez tweeted the following in response to the unjustifiable move:

“We condemn the US announced hypocritical and cynical designation of #Cuba as a State sponsoring terrorism.” 

“The US political opportunism is recognized by those who are honestly concerned about the scourge of terrorism and its victims.”

Since usurping power by a virtual electoral coup, Biden regime hardliners have continued unlawful toughness on all nations free from US hegemonic control, including Cuba.

Longstanding US policy toward the nation is all about wanting its economic, industrial, and technological development undermined, its people suffocated into submission to a higher power in Washington that aims to subjugate them.

The Havana Times said Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel traveled to San Antonio de los Banos “with the revolutionary people mobilized against the imperialist campaign and its salaried agents.”

On national television, he “denied the legitimacy of the protests and attributed the cause to outsiders,” adding:

“(H)e affirmed ‘the order to battle is given: revolutionaries, take to the streets where these provocations are being staged and oppose them.’ ”

“We will not let anti-revolutionary mercenaries who are beholden to the American empire create instability. There will be a revolutionary response,” he stressed.

According to Cuban media, orchestrated protests occurred in eight cities, including Havana.

No major incidents occurred. At the same time, US hardliners expressed support for regime change.

On June 23, the Biden and Israeli Bennett regimes alone voted against a UN General Assembly resolution that condemned Washington’s illegal embargo on Cuba — the measure supported by 184 other nations.

Last month, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced US human rights abuses, including by “police officers (against nonviolent) protesters…in Washington” and other US cities, adding:

“(M)ore than 100 US and foreign reporters suffered at the hands of police.”

During their tenure, the Obama/Biden regime raped and destroyed Libya and Syria.

Obama bragged about terror-bombing seven countries in eight years.

Their regime orchestrated coups in Ukraine, Brazil, Honduras, Paraguay, installed new puppet rule in Haiti, aided fascist Mauricio Marci take over from reformer/imperial critic Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Argentina, and plotted regime change against Bolivarian Venezuela.

Will Biden regime hardliners follow a similar belligerent playbook ahead — more than already?

Were likely made-in-the-USA Sunday protests in Cuba a shot across the bow for escalated US war on humanity ahead? 

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