Mounting Flu/Covid Mass-Jabbing Body Count

Mounting Flu/Covid Mass-Jabbing Body Count

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s no longer possible for US/Western dark forces to conceal the exponentially rising numbers of injuries and deaths from health destroying flu/covid jabs.

They greatly exceed casualties from all vaccines combined over the past 30 years.

Yet establishment media continue to suppress what’s vital for everyone to know — in support of what should be banned.

Through early July, the CDC reported over 438,000 adverse events from flu/covid jabs, including over 9,000 deaths — the latter number an increase of over 2,000 from the previous week.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) reported nearly 1,688,000 “injuries” and nearly 18,000 deaths over the same period.

Public Health England (PHE) reported over 1,037,000 adverse reactions and more than 1,400 deaths from flu/covid jabs through July 7.

Officially reported numbers of US, UK, EU casualties from flu/covid jabs represent a minuscule tip of an exponentially greater number.

The vast majority of injuries and deaths from mass-jabbing are falsely attributed to other causes.

Yet exponentially rising numbers of people in the West — and elsewhere — are being irreversibly harmed and are dying from fatal heart attacks, strokes, anaphylactic shock, blood clots, sepsis, and other diseases.

Official UK data from late January through June 30 showed a shocking 4,425% increase in pregnant women who suffered miscarriages following Pfizer flu/covid jabs — compared to the same 2020 timeframe.

The increase among pregnant women jabbed with AstraZeneca’s vaccine was a staggering 6,850%.

The above occurred in spite of earlier Public Health England advice to pregnant women to avoid flu/covid jabs.

The following was added to Britain’s Yellow Card database, saying:

“A report of a suspected ADR (adverse drug reaction) to the Yellow Card scheme does not necessarily mean that it was caused by” a flu/covid jab (sic).

The statement and similar ones in the US, UK and EU are part of state-sponsored coverup to conceal exponentially rising numbers of casualties from toxic flu/covid jabs 

What’s officially reported is suppressed by establishment media in the West.

Last January, baseball great Hank Aaron died 17 days after jabbing with Moderna’s gene-altering mRNA technology.

When inoculated, he reported no signs of ill health. No autopsy was conducted to determine cause of death.

Moderna and Pfizer mRNA technology drugs contain polyethylene glycol (PEG) that risks possible severe adverse reactions.

Moderna earlier admitted that use of PEG in its covid drug caused “significant adverse events in one or more of (its) clinical trials.”

At the time, Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said the following:

Aaron’s “tragic death is part of a wave of suspicious deaths among elderly closely following administration of covid vaccines.”

“Studies show that self-interested pharmaceutical company researchers, physicians, nursing homes and health officials seldom report vaccine injuries.” 

“Instead, they dismiss injuries and deaths as ‘unrelated’ to vaccination.”

“Public health advocates worry that the vast majority of injuries and deaths will go unreported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the notoriously broken voluntary surveillance system run by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).”

A 2010 HHS study concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries” are reported to VAERS.

Much the same applies to Britain and EU countries.

The casualty count from flu/covid mass-jabbing is vastly higher than officially reported numbers.

Connecticut’s government earlier warned state healthcare staff that flu/covid jabs harm health — but failed to inform state residents.

How many adverse events and deaths from flu/covid jabs are too many?

Countless numbers of medical and scientific experts warned of their hazards to health — their truth-telling on the most important cutting-edge issue of our time suppressed by establishment media.

UK Dr. Vernon Coleman, author of over 100 books on health, explained that flu/covid supporters claim that flu/covid jabs “are perfectly safe and perfectly effective.”

“Even when they wouldn’t be considered safe enough to use as oven cleaner, the(y) enthuse about them.”

The exponentially rising body count of injuries and deaths from mass-jabbing needs no elaboration of the hazards they pose to health and well-being. 

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