Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Sino/Russia Bond, Ukraine and UN Charter Friends

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Sino/Russia Bond, Ukraine and UN Charter Friends

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Thursday, a joint Russian, Iranian, Turkish document after their 16th Astana format talks said the following:

They “reaffirmed their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, as well as to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.”

They “highlighted that these principles should be universally respected and complied with” by all nations.

They “reviewed in detail the situation in the Idlib de-escalation area, and highlighted the necessity to maintain calm on the ground by fully implementing all agreements on Idlib.”

They “condemned continuing Israeli military attacks in Syria which violate the international law, international humanitarian law, the sovereignty of Syria and neighboring countries, endanger the stability and security in the region, and called for cessation of them.”

They “expressed their conviction that there could be no military solution to the Syrian conflict, and reaffirmed their commitment to advance viable and lasting Syrian-led and Syrian-owned, UN-facilitated political process in line with the UN Security Council Resolution 2254.”

Aggression by the US and its imperial partners against Syria and its people shows no signs of ending.

Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that “the Astana format is a uniquely effective mechanism for providing international assistance to the Syrian peace process” — short of ending over a decade of war on the country, waged by the US and its imperial partners.

“July 16 marks the 20th anniversary of…the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China,” MZ explained.

It provided the foundation for strategic and practical cooperation between both nations.

By joint statement last month, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping agreed to extend the treaty for another five years.

Both nations regard each other as their most important allies.

MZ quoted Xi’s statement saying the following:

“We will roll up our sleeves and work, so as to pass the friendship between the peoples of both countries from generation to generation.”

Commenting on US-installed Ukrainian fascist rule — central Europe’s festering sore — MZ explained that its aggression against Donbass since 2014 shows no signs of ending.

Controlled by its higher power in Washington, Zelensky regime fascists made a bad situation they inherited worse.

Kiev continues to breach international law, as well as Minsk I and II princples Zelensky’s predecessor regime endorsed, but violated straightaway.

As ordered by his higher power in Washington, Zelensky continues to “driv(e) the process of settlement into a blind alley,” MZ explained, adding:

He “move(d) new forces to the contact line and toughen(ed) the economic and humanitarian siege of the region, aggravating the already difficult life of its residents.”

His regime”not only fail(ed) to fulfill the agreements on Donbass and their international commitments, they also violat(ed) the norms of their domestic legislation.”

Ukraine is a Nazi-infested fascist police state — Zelensky a US-installed puppet serving its imperial interests extrajudicially. 

Russia continues going all-out to resolve years of US-orchestrated aggression on Donbass by restoring the rule of law Kiev consistently flouts.

On July 6, the Group of Friends in Defense of the UN Charter was launched, MZ explained.

Established based on Venezuela’s urging, the Bolivarian Republic and Russia are founding members.

Delegations from over 60 countries are involved.

The initiative supports world peace, stability, cooperative relations among nations, and compliance with international law — what hegemon USA and its imperial partners consistently breach in pursuing their diabolical agenda.

MZ explained that Russia and allied nations support the UN Charter and other international law over US/Western rules-based tyranny — along with multi-world polarity over no longer relevant unipolarity.

MZ stressed that Moscow and its likeminded partners continue their “vigorous opposition to the destruction of pivotal provisions of international law set forth in the UN Charter and fully assist in strengthening the UN’s authority as a non-competitive forum of searching for collective solutions to global issues.”

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