Biden Regime Aiming to Destabilize and Undermine Cuba

Biden Regime Aiming to Destabilize and Undermine Cuba 

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Longstanding US policy aims to transform nations free from its control into subservient vassal states.

It’s been US policy toward Cuba for over six decades.

Tactics include suffocating its people by illegal sanctions and blockade — wanting Cuban sovereignty destroyed, its people subjugated to a higher power in Washington.

That’s what the scourge of imperialism is all about.

The Biden regime continues the worst of its predecessor’s state terror against the island state.

During his Monday press conference, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price was challenged by the following hard truth, saying:

“You haven’t changed the previous (regime’s) policies (toward Cuba). You’re doing the same thing.”

In response, Price defied reality — like countless times before, saying:

“(D)emocracy and human rights (sic) are at the center of” the Biden regime’s Cuba policy (sic).

Both issues are anathema to the world’s leading human rights abuser  USA and opponent of democracy as it should be at home and worldwide.

Asked if the Biden regime “still consider(s) Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism” — in defiance of reality, Price said:

“There’s been no change.”

Asked why the Biden regime doesn’t consider sanctions on Cuba a failed policy as Obama said six years ago, Price said:

The current US regime is not following policies of its predecessors (sic). “Our Cuba policy is under review (sic).”

For nearly six decades, an unlawful US embargo has been enforced against the island state and its people — that’s all about punishing them for their freedom from US hegemonic control.

The Biden regime maintains it, along with enforcing sanctions imposed by its predecessors, including by Trump.

They ban imports of Cuban alcohol and tobacco products.

They prohibit “attending or organizing certain professional meetings or conferences in Cuba…”

They ban “participating in and organizing certain public performances, clinics, workshops, competitions, and exhibitions in” the country. 

Obama’s “new course on Cuba” was imperialism by another name, same dirty business as usual, new tactics that continued longstanding US policy, wanting the country returned to client state status.

Trump greatly hardened US policy toward Cuba — including by his so-called National Security Presidential Memorandum (NSPM) on Strengthening the Policy of the United States Toward Cuba. 

The Biden regime continues its predecessor’s policies toward the island state and its people unchanged.

Travel to Cuba by Americans is virtually banned — other than Treasury authorized tour company group visits if permitted at its discretion.

Americans traveling to the country on their own face a likely punishing Treasury Department audit on return, an attempt to discourage visits to the state.

Transactions with entities linked to Cuba’s military are banned, as well as what’s linked to the country’s tourism industry.

On Monday, Biden’s double ignored longstanding US war on Cuba and its people by other means, falsely saying:

“We stand with the Cuban people…(sic).”

With rare exceptions, members of both wings of the US war party are hostile toward all sovereign independent countries and their people.

Defying reality, Biden’s double turned truth on its head, falsely claiming:

Cubans seek “freedom and relief from…decades of repression and economic suffering to which they have been subjected by Cuba’s authoritarian regime (sic).”

They seek relief from US war on the country by other means.

They seek respect for Cuba’s sovereign rights that include independence from foreign power(s).

They seek elimination of 

Washington’s illegal embargo, its sanctions, and other dirty tricks on the nation and its people.

They demand US compliance with international law it consistently breaches in pursuit of its hegemonic aims.

Reading lines scripted by his handlers from a teleprompter, remarks by Biden’s double showed contempt for truth, Cuba, its people and the rule of law.

“(U)niversal rights” he claimed to support for Cubans the US prohibits domestically and worldwide.

Remarks by him, interventionist Blinken, hardline congressional members, and their press agent media reflect longstanding US meddling in the internal affairs of other nations that international law prohibits.

On Monday, Cuba President  Miguel Diaz-Canel vowed to defend the revolution from attempts by the US, if undertaken, to return the nation to client state status.

“(W)e’re being manipulated” by the US, he said, adding:

“They want to change the system, to impose” its hegemonic control.

Expressing support for Cuban sovereignty, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the following:

“The truth is that if one wanted to help Cuba, the first thing that should be done is to suspend the blockade of” the country that never should have been imposed decades earlier.

Analyst Julian Macias explained what he called an intense social media campaign against the Cuban revolution, launched days before Monday’s (made-in-the-USA) street protests.

“More than 1,500 of the accounts that participated in the operation with the hashtag #SOSCuba were created between July 10 and 11,” he explained — with Biden regime fingerprints all over them.

Macias said he analyzed a blizzard of tweets under the HT #SOSCuba (from) newly created accounts and bots and ended in mobilizations in the streets.”

Most noticeable was repetition of exact tweets, he said — hundreds of thousands of tweets and manipulated images, following automated patterns, similar to what preceded a US coup against Bolivia’s Evo Morales.

It showed that “considerable resources are dedicated” to the anti-Cuba campaign.

It was “very well designed, (surely by) structures and agencies of the US with laboratories dedicated to create these conditions and achieve their objectives.”

What’s going on has clear earmarks of a Biden regime plot against Cuban sovereignty and rights of its people.

Expressing Kremlin support for Cuban sovereignty, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following:

Cuban authorities “are taking all necessary measures to restore public order in the interests of the country’s citizens within the framework of the national Constitution and the current domestic legislation.”

What shoes do Biden regime hardliners intend dropping next in what appears to be a diabolical plot against Cuban sovereignty and rights of its people?

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