Delta Scariant Fake News

Delta Scariant Fake News

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Alpha, Delta and other names given to flu/covid strains conceal that they’re virtually alike.

Differences among them are too minor to matter — according to science, not state-sponsored, media proliferated pseudo-version mass deception. 

Show-me state Missourians should challenge NYT propaganda, claiming:

“The Delta (scariant) variant has driven (increased flu/covid) outbreaks in Missouri’s Southwest…account(ing) for nearly all (in a part of the state where) a hospital ran out of ventilators (sic).”

According to Joseph Mercola, flu/covid patients “put on ventilators have an increased risk of death.”

Most often they do more harm than good.

If a patient hospitalized with viral illness symptoms is placed on a ventilator, payment to the facility is three-fold higher than if not treated this way — around $39,000 v. $13,000. 

The scheme is all about incentivizing hospitals and medical staff to maximum numbers of flu/covid patients.

It’s part of US/Western fear-mongering mass deception to scare maximum numbers of people to be jabbed with toxic drugs designed to destroy health.

Even pro-mass-jabbing warned that many of “those who go on a ventilator die, and those who survive likely will face ongoing breathing problems…”

“(T)he longer people are on ventilation, the more likely they are to suffer complications related to machine-assisted breathing.”

According to pulmonologist Dr. Udit Chaddha, between 40% and 50% of patients die after going on ventilation.

In some areas, up to 80% of flu/covid patients die after placed on ventilation.

According to, “(i)nfection is one potential risk associated with being on a ventilator.”

“The breathing tube in the airway can allow bacteria to enter the lungs, which can lead to pneumonia.” 

“A ventilator can also damage the lungs, either from too much pressure or excessive oxygen levels, which can be toxic to the lungs.”

At the same time, “ventilators can be life-saving” in critical cases.

On Saturday, CBS (fake) News defied reality by reporting that “(a)lmost all new (flu/covid) cases are among people who have not been” jabbed (sic).

It’s the other way around.

Like other establishment media,  CBS fear-mongering on all things flu/covid pushes Delta scariant outbreaks without explaining that they’re virtually no different from other strains.

On Friday, CNBC said “Delta is the dominant (flu/covid) strain in the US” — falsely calling it more dangerous than other variants and more “high(ly) transmissibl(e) (sic),” adding:

“Getting fully (jabbed with toxins that destroy health) is the best way to protect yourself from the delta variant (sic).”

Bloomberg News mimicked NYT propaganda about Delta scariant outbreaks in Missouri, falsely adding:

Delta “threatens to derail US efforts to return to normal (sic).”

Pharma-connected CDC head Rochelle Walensky continued to push mass-jabbing deception by falsely claiming: adding:

“(T)hose who are (unjabbed for flu/covid) will certainly and sadly lead to more unnecessary suffering, hospitalization and potential death (sic).”

Like others touting health destroying jabs, Walensky is part of the official echo-chamber pushing of refusniks to get theirs.

According to National Pentagon Radio (NPR) fake news, “Delta…isn’t just hyper-contagious (sic), it also grows more rapidly inside you (sic),” adding:

Delta “is the most contagious version of the coronavirus worldwide (sic).” 

“It spreads about 225% faster than the original version of the virus (sic), and it’s currently dominating the outbreak in the US (sic).”

The above is typical NPR rubbish, featuring state-approved mass deception talking points.

If Delta fails to scare enough refusniks to get jabbed, a scarier flu/covid scariant will surely follow.

That’s how marketing 101 works. Themes are test-marketed to learn what works, using what’s effective, discarding the rest.

Alpha wasn’t effective enough so Delta was introduced — most people unaware that they’re virtually identical strains with two names.

If Delta doesn’t achieve diabolical goals, a scarier new campaign is sure to follow.

Virtually everything reported about flu/covid since last year has been state-sponsored propaganda that’s all about getting health-destroying toxins into the bodies of as many people as possible by a relentless media-promoted mass deception campaign.

So far around half of Americans were duped to be jabbed with what no one should go near.

Diabolical dark forces are working on the rest.

They’ll be aided this fall when flu/covid outbreaks are sure to begin increasing as happens every seasonal flu season from October through May.

Ignore their mind-manipulating mass deception.

Protect and preserve health by following a healthy lifestyle that includes rejection of jabs intended to destroy what’s too precious to lose.

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