Cuba Slams US Calls for Hmanitarian Intervention

Cuba Slams US Calls for Humanitarian Intervention

by  Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Tuesday, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Radriquez denounced (made-in-the-USA) disturbances and disorder, caused by a communicational operation that has been prepared for a long time, to which multimillionaire resources, laboratories, technological platforms with funds from the United States Government are destined,” adding:

“To ask for humanitarian intervention in Cuba is to ask for military intervention by the US.”

“I accuse the (Biden regime) of being directly involved and gravely responsible for the incidents that took place on July 11, and it will be held responsible for their consequences.”

It “has no political or moral authority to speak about Cuba.” 

The US “allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to promote subversion in our country, (including its) genocidal blockade, which is the main cause of economic scarcities.”

I challenge the (Biden regime) to confirm or deny that the main political operators of the company that generated the (social media  SOS Cuba) campaign against #Cuba have received funding from the State Department and USAID.”

“I (also) accuse and urge the Biden regime) to acknowledge or deny that the Miami-based company that generated this label and this campaign received a certificate from the Republican government of Florida to act with state funds.”

“I urge you to confirm or deny that the main political operators of this company, connected with a publication financed by the (Biden regime), and which is part of the group of media, mainly based in Miami, that systematically act against Cuba and which generated this campaign, have received financing from the State Department and the USAID, as part of the information war against our country.”

“I also urge them to deny that the political operators who launched this label have been organizing demonstrations with signs of violence against the Cuban Embassy in Washington, which not long ago was shot at, without the (Biden regime) saying a word.”

Twitter, other US social and conventional media are complicit with the Biden regime and anti-Cuba elements involved in trying to destabilize the country.

Rodriguez stressed that Cuba has “copious information” to prove the accuracy of its accusations — directly incriminating Biden regime hardliners in attempting to destabilize the country with intent to transform it into a subjugated US vassal state.

On Tuesday, Cuba’s Interior Ministry said it foiled attempts by anti-government elements to vandalize houses, set fires, sabotage power lines, as well as assault security forces and civilians with weapons and other objects.

Since US-orchestrated Sunday protests occurred, pro-government demonstrations expressed support for the revolution.

Yet the NYT, Fox News, CNN, other establishment media, and US funded Voice of America propaganda falsely claimed that images of pro-government support expressed opposition.

On Tuesday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stressed that longstanding illegal US embargo on Cuba “is the root cause of its” weak economy, adding: 

“For the 29th consecutive year, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution with an overwhelming majority calling for an end to the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed on Cuba by the US…” 

“China firmly opposes foreign interference in Cuba’s internal affairs, firmly supports what Cuba has done…in improving people’s livelihood and upholding social stability, and firmly supports Cuba in exploring a development path suited to its national conditions.” 

“China stands ready to work with Cuba to implement the important consensus of the two heads of state and is firmly committed to deepening friendly relations between the two countries.”

Days earlier, Russia’s Foreign Ministry denounced US human rights abuses, including the deplorable state of its major media, adding:

Racism, Islamophobia, other discrimination and xenophobia continue to rise in the US.

China’s Zhou Lijian said US “minorities who are persecuted by racial discrimination…who cannot breathe freely will never forget” abuses against them. 

“Each and every practice of US human rights violations has long been documented, with iron-clad evidence that is indisputable.”

Time and again, US regimes falsely accuse other nations of things they had nothing to do with — while suppressing the worst of its own high crimes of war, against humanity and other dirty tricks domestically and worldwide.

Once again on Tuesday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

The Biden regime “made human rights central to our foreign policy (sic),” adding:

“…Cubans are calling for freedom and human rights (sic).”

“They are standing up” against the Cuban revolution — that the vast majority in the country support, opposing US efforts to reverse it.

The Biden regime “commend(s) the people of Cuba for showing great bravery (sic), the strength of their will (sic), and the power of their voice (sic).”

“(I)mages of violence” Price cited were orchestrated and incited by US dark forces.

His “call for calm” is refuted by disruptive/destabilizing made-in-the-USA protests, violence and vandalism that aim o transform free and independent Cuba into a subjugated US client state.

Hands off Cuba, millions of its people demand, denouncing decades of hegemon USA’s war on the country by other means.

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