Putin Addresses Historical Russian/Ukrainian Unity

Putin Addresses Historical Russian/Ukrainian Unity

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Vladimir Putin earlier said the following:

“The appearance on our borders of a powerful military bloc…will be considered by Russia as a direct threat to our country’s security,” adding:

Russian missiles will target Ukraine if it joins NATO or allows Washington’s missile defense shield (for offense) to be installed in the country.

Stressing that Moscow will “react to what’s going on around us,” he said granting NATO membership to Ukraine and/or Georgia will have “extremely negative consequences” by crossing an unacceptable red line for Russia.

Ukraine is an Obama/Biden regime black hole of fascist tyranny — bordering Russia.

Yet historical Russian/Ukrainian unity is longstanding.

On Wednesday, Putin commented on his days earlier article that addressed the above historical reality — calling it “analytical material based on historical facts, events and historical documents.”

Both countries “have the same roots, tempered through common tests, achievements and victories,”he explained, adding:

It’s for Ukrainians to decide their country’s future.

According to Crimea’s parliamentary First Deputy Speaker:

Russians and Ukrainians “are one people. We have one mindset, the same historic roots.” 

“Our languages are similar and most importantly, the heroic past is one.”

“Together we defended the motherland in all battles, and we are united.” 

“(W)e in Crimea agree with” President Putin. 

“We are not against the Ukrainian people. We understand that (they know) what is going on” — in the aftermath of the US-orchestrated February 2014 coup, replacing democratic governance with fascist tyranny.

Putin wrote about Russian/Ukrainian unity because “conditions that are taking shape are fundamentally different from what they were” pre-2014. 

Kiev’s US-controlled regime pursues an “anti-Russia agenda.”

“Of course, this is bound to be of concern to us,” Putin stressed.

“Yes, of course, every country has the right to choose its own way, no question.” 

“But, you know, it is the same as with every person.” 

“The freedom of each person is limited by the freedom of another person.” 

“If it contradicts the freedom of another person, it is necessary to consider certain limits and self-restrictions.” 

“The same (principle) applies to countries.” 

“If we see that certain threats are being created, especially in security, we must certainly decide what to do about it.” 

Putin also explained other reasons that “compelled (him) to present material” he prepared.

Millions of Ukrainians want normalized relations with Russia restored, he said.

“(P)olitical forces advocate (for) normalization.” 

Kiev’s US-controlled regime prevents it.

Ukrainians for normalization are eliminated, some “killed in the streets,” said Putin.

Post-coup in Odessa, others were “burned alive.”

Media freedom in Ukraine was abolished, truth-tellers arrested and silenced, Putin explained.

His article noted that Russians and Ukrainians “are a common entity.”

The West and partnered countries pursue an anti-Russia project.

Beginning in “in the 17th and 18th centuries, (its) goal (is) divide and rule…and it continues to this very day.”

“People living in Ukraine are unlikely to look calmly at incumbent rulers who gain power under certain slogans and who later change their color just like chameleons and defend entirely different positions.” 

“As a rule, they defend the interests of their superiors and those financing their stay in power, rather than the interests of the Ukrainian people.”

If pro-Western puppet president Zelensky wishes to discuss what Putin wrote, “he should read (it) carefully, analyze it, and review some of the archival material.” 

“I think this is exactly what they will do, and they will find something to talk about.” 

“When I say ‘they,’ I mean the political leadership of today’s Ukraine.” 

“It is hard to argue with this article because it is honest and based on historical documents.” 

Putin stressed that all nations are legally entitled to determine their foreign policy.

What matters to Russia is doing nothing that “creates problems or threats for us,” adding:

US-controlled militarism and belligerence by Ukraine are unacceptable.

“(I)t is not Ukraine’s doing. It is happening on Ukrainian territory and people are being used” by a hostile to Russia foreign power.

Russia is ready to cooperate with all other countries on a level playing field basis of mutual respect.

The US-dominated West and their imperial partners have other ideas — in defiance of rule of law principles.

Seeking dominance over cooperative relations with Russia and other independent countries is a prescription for conflict by hot and/or other means.

That’s today’s disturbing reality with nothing in prospect for positive change.

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