Responses to US Dirty Tricks and Propaganda War on Cuba

Responses to US Dirty Tricks and Propaganda War on Cuba

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Featuring managed news misinformation and disinformation over truth and full disclosure on all issues mattering most, establishment media are virtual echo chamber supporters of diabolical US/Western imperial policies.

Biden regime dirty hands are all over what has clear earmarks of US orchestrated efforts to destabilize and undermine Cuba — supported by establishment media instead of exposing and denouncing illegal US meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

A flagrant breach of international and US constitutional law when occurs, it happens time and again by its dark forces against one nation after another with regime change in mind.

Orchestrated protests in Cuba were made-in-the-USA, fueled by a tweet-storm and other social media propaganda to incite unrest — similar tactics used by US dark forces against Russia, China, Bolivia, Ecuador, Belarus, and other nations with similar aims to what Biden regime hardliners are trying to achieve in Cuba.

While Cuba’s economy weakened from loss of most tourist revenues because of US/Western-promoted fake news about flu-renamed covid, the country endured hard times before without protests in various cities over conditions.

This time is different because of US dirty hands all over what’s gone on.

NYT propaganda pretends otherwise, including fake news claims about lack of medical treatment and Cubans hard-pressed to afford staples to their diet.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel explained that “we’re being manipulated” by a hostile foreign power in Washington.

“They want to change a system, to impose (their) type of government in Cuba”

WaPo editors invented their own reality, falsely claiming that (made-in-the-USA) protests are “a genuinely street-level outpouring of anger and frustration (sic),” adding:

“(D)emonstrations (occurred) “in a police state (sic) ruled by a Communist Party with a monopoly on power that curtails free speech and assembly (sic).”

What WaPo falsely called a Cuban “dictatorship…a tropical dystopia,” the late Gore Vidal once said is a nation where he was able to breathe freely for the first time — in stark contrast to how the US-dominated West operates.

Wall Street Journal editors defied reality by falsely claiming that protests showed “that the Cuban people still yearn for a life free of tyranny (sic) despite decades of repression (sic).” 

Ignoring US-orchestrated protests and longstanding illegal embargo that aims to suffocate Cubans into submission to a higher power in Washington, Journal editors falsely claimed that protests developed almost spontaneously (sic) and expanded across the island (sic),” adding:

“(P)rotests weren’t planned or organized (sic).”

Reality is worlds apart from WSJ fake news.

Other US/Western media reports are similar to what’s above — supporting the Biden regime’s campaign to impose tyranny on Cuba instead of denouncing what’s going on.

Ignored as well is Washington’s longstanding embargo, sanctions war, and other lawless actions against Cuba and its people.

US policy toward the country is all about wanting it transformed into  subservient client state.

For over six decades, US regimes tried and failed to topple its government and regain control over the country.

What’s going on now is the latest attempt.

What failed before is highly likely to do no better this time.

Latin American governments, organizations, movements, and activists expressed solidarity with Cuba and its people in opposition to the Biden regime attempt to destabilize, weaken and undermine the country and its ruling authorities.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed solidarity with the people and government of Cuba before US orchestrated street protests. 

On Tuesday, he said “(a)ll support to President Miguel Diaz-Canel, all support to the people of Cuba, to the revolutionary government of Cuba,” adding:

“From here, from Venezuela, (we are) brothers in good times and bad, and Cuba will move forward.”

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People’s Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) condemned made-in-the-USA protests, saying:

“The member countries of the ALBATCP express their full support and solidarity to the people and Government of Cuba in the face of continuous discrediting campaigns and attempts to provoke a social explosion to justify an external intervention, organized and financed by the US.”

So did the Buenos Aires Press Workers Union, Guatemalan Coordinating Committee for Solidarity with Cuba, regional academics, and political opponents of US/Western tyranny.

Bolivian President Luis Arce expressed his “full support to the Cuban people in their struggle against destabilizing actions,” adding:

“(P)roblems in Cuba must be solved by the Cubans, without any interference, much less from those who have maintained a criminal blockade for 60 years.”

Nicaragua’s government denounced the Biden regime’s war on Cuba by other means, adding:

The US “has no moral authority to say anything, when it bears all the responsibility and blame for all the atrocious crimes of hate and against humanity that it has committed, and continues to commit, against the peoples of the world.”

El Salvador’s FMLN condemned Biden regime attempts to destabilize Cuba.

So did the Venezuela-Cuba Friendship and Mutual Solidarity Movement, saying:

“We wish to alert the peoples of the world that with the argument of humanitarian aid, the old Trojan Horse strategy is being implemented in order to increase the aggression against the Cuban people.”

(O)pportunists and hawkers of chaos, came out once again to the communicational scenario with a supposed concern for Cuba and asking for help and freedom.” 

“These are the same voices that have no echo in the hearts of the noble Cuban people, who for more than 60 years have been victims of the genocidal blockade imposed by the US empire.”

The Workers Party of Brazil expressed unconditional support and solidarity with the Cuban people and government, “which for six decades has been the victim of a blockade by the US, damaging the country’s commercial and diplomatic relations with the rest of the world.”

There’s no ambiguity about a diabolical US plot to transform Cuba into a subservient vassal state.

The vast majority of Cuba’s 11 million people stand in solidarity against US imperial aims to subjugate them.

The Biden regime’s plan will likely fail like earlier US attempts to reverse Fidel’s revolution — freeing Cuba from Washington’s hegemonic control.

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