Bomb Cuba? Echoes of John McCain on Bombing Iran

Bomb Cuba? Echoes of John McCain on Bombing Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Targeting independent nations through the barrel of a gun is longstanding US policy.

Throughout its history from inception, wars by hot and/or other means have been its option of choice domestically and on the world stage.

During his failed 2007-08 presidential campaign, hardline GOP aspirant John McCain was asked when the US would send Iran an “airmail message” — a nation prioritizing peace and stability, threatening no one.

He responded by singing “Bomb Iran…bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb” to the melody of a Beach Boys song.

Like more recent phony claims of covert Iranian nuclear ambitions that don’t exist, McCain defied reality, saying:

“It bothers me a great deal that they (Iran) might have a nuclear weapon or a missile (sic), but it bothers me also to have a nuclear weapon knowing their relationship with various terrorist organizations (sic), that they would give it to a terrorist organization (sic).”

Rubbish then is rubbish now about Iranian nuclear weapons ambitions and other phony accusations.

As against other nations free from US hegemonic control, a nonexistent Iranian nuclear threat is one of various concocted reasons to unjustifiably justify hostile actions against an invented enemy.

In response to McCain’s “performance,” his campaign spokesman Matt David said he was more facetious than serious.

Hardline Miami mayor Francis Suarez is a latter-day John McCain with a difference.

In stark contrast to McCain’s uncalled for levity about Iran, Suarez is deadly serious about wanting hegemon USA to intervene militarily against sovereign independent Cuba.

Days earlier on Fox News, he invented his own reality, claiming:

Cuba “is an issue that I think very much matters to the US (sic),” adding: 

It’s “exporting communism throughout the hemisphere and throughout the world (sic), and has been doing it for decades (sic)…”

“(T)hat’s something that should interest the national security of the US (sic).”

“The US has intervened in Latin America (on) numerous occasions and has been very successful (sic).”

“That would certainly be a way to intervene (sic).”

“The problem is, the Cuban government wants it both ways (sic).”

“They want to be able to blame the US for their failed system of government (sic), and then when remittances are sent over by Miamians…they take the dollars, they turn them into a worthless currency (sic), and then they force Cubans to pay for things in their stores, in dollars (sic).”

“So they’re completely depriving the Cuban people and (using) those resources as a means of control (sic).”

“All the Cuban government wants to do – and all it’s demonstrated to the world (sic) – is that they want a repressive, authoritarian control (sic), a communist dictatorship (sic) to continue in the island.” 

“So anything that we do to try to help the island (sic) ultimately becomes fuel for them to repress their citizens (sic).”

Like other militant US hardliners, Suarez invented his own fabricated reality, ignoring how Cuba operates at home and abroad.

Its government from Fidel to the present day prioritizes world peace, stability, cooperative relations with all nations and respect for rule of law principles.

Its main exports are doctors, teachers and goodwill.

It considers healthcare and education to the highest levels fundamental human rights for all its people – constitutionally guaranteed. 

In the US and West, they’re commodities, available on the ability to pay.

The world’s richest country and Western satellites serve privileged interests exclusively at the expense of most others at home and abroad.  

Cuba has over 20 medical schools. 

The Havana-based Latin American School of Medicine (LASM) is the world’s largest with an enrollment of around 20,000 domestic and foreign students — latter ones from scores of countries worldwide.

They get expense-free world-class education in return for committing to provide Cuban-style pro-bono medical services in home or other countries to low-income, under-served communities in need. 

Cuba’s holistic approach focuses on individual needs, prevention, lifestyle changes important for good health and community wellness.

It’s in stark contrast to healthcare profiteering in the West.

Cuban-trained doctors serve low income communities in scores of countries worldwide.

So do its educators, trained to focus on teaching and learning – polar opposite how US schools teach to the test.

Since Fidel’s led 1959 revolution, freeing Cubans from US-installed fascist tyranny, dominant hardliners in Washington — and extremists like Suarez — want Cuba returned to vassal state status, its resources exploited, its people subjugated.

On Wednesday, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced what he called an attempted Biden regime-“Cuban-American mafia” soft coup against the nation’s sovereign independence, adding:

“We have always been (illegally) block(aded).” 

“We are a generation that has been born, raised, and lived under a blockade.” 

“We are one of the generations that have constantly been participating in a whole group of programs to prevent the blockade from delaying things or the country from being unable to overcome the blockade.”

Despite what’s gone for decades, along with lost tourism revenues since last year’s invented flu/covid pandemic, Canel stressed that Cuba accomplished outstanding achievements to protect the health of its people, adding:

Cuban leadership and other government officials “have a great sense of responsibility so that the country may develop as much as possible.”

Biden regime hardliners continue longstanding US war on Cuba by other means.

On Wednesday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price continued his scripted war of words on the island state.

Reciting a litany of bald-faced Big Lies, he falsely accused its government of persecuting its “citizens…journalists and independent voices (sic).”

A longstanding US specialty at home and abroad, it’s polar opposite how Cuba and other nations free from Washington’s hegemonic control operate.

Time and again, the US illegally interferes in the internal affairs of other countries — a flagrant UN Charter breach.

The vast majority of Cubans oppose the country’s belligerent northern neighbor.

Like many previous US attempts to destabilize and weaken Cuba, the Biden regime’s campaign is highly likely to fail.

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