Desperate Times Call for Desperate Disinformation and Hard Ball Tactics

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Disinformation and Hard Ball Tactics

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Around half of Americans unwittingly self-inflicted harm by getting jabbed for flu/covid with toxic drugs designed to destroy health, not protect and preserve it — as US dark forces, Pharma, and their press agent media falsely claim.

Most unjabbed Americans are likely leery about being guinea pigs for rushed to market, experimental, unapproved drugs that may not live up to their dubious hype.

Last month, a Moderna representative admitted that everyone jabbed with its experimental, unapproved mRNA covid drug risks unknown consequences.

As bioweaponized jabbing slowed dramatically in the West, tech giants in cahoots with US, UK, EU dark forces intend stepped up efforts to silence truth-telling dissent.

Biden regime surgeon general Vivek Murthy was enlisted to issue a flu/covid “advisory…warning the (US) public about the (alleged) threat of health misinformation (sic)” — a step not previously taken.

Based on what America’s Frontline Doctors and other medical professionals for truth and full disclosure on all things related to health, Murthy invented his own reality, falsely saying:

“Health misinformation, including disinformation, have threatened the US response to (flu/covid) and continue to prevent (many) Americans from getting (jabbed), prolonging the (nonexistent) pandemic and putting lives at risk…(sic).”

His so-called “advisory encourages technology and social media companies to (censor essential to know) online (flu/covid-related facts he falsely called) health misinformation (sic).”

He lied claiming truth and full disclosure about all things flu/covid “already caused significant harm (sic),” including by “undermining (mass-jabbing) efforts (sic).”

He lied saying that “an analysis of millions of social media posts found that false news stories were 70 percent more likely to be shared than true stories (sic). 

He lied claiming truth-telling on the cutting-edge issue of our time is “misinformation (that) threat(ens) public health (sic).”

He lied saying he’s committed “to help(ing) people stay safe and healthy (sic).”

Pushing hazardous flu/covid jabs is all about destroying health, not the other way around as he falsely claimed.

He lied claiming that truth-telling on all things flu/covid — he falsely called misinformation — is harming “the longterm health of the nation (sic).”

He urged all-out efforts to “confront” truth and full disclosure, “identify(ing) and limit(ing) its spread” by full-court press censorship.

Responsible leadership would sack a government official involved in pushing the above rubbish.

The Biden regime and vast majority of congressional and other US officials endorse what no just societies would tolerate.

Leana Wen is a former Baltimore health commissioner, a Brookings nonresident senior fellow, a George Washington Univ. visiting health policy professor, a WaPo columnist a CNN medical analyst, and advocate for making it hard to refuse toxic flu/covid jabs.

On Thursday, she said the following on the most reviled and distrusted name in television fake news CNN:

Falsely claiming rising numbers of flu/covid outbreaks in all 50 states (sic), she called for “something dramatic” to reverse the tide of sharply lower numbers of jabs, adding:

“We’re seeing this because the public misunderstood the CDC guidance for fully (jabbed) people (to) do whatever we want (sic).’ ”

Wen’s diabolical solution to greater numbers of toxic jabs is making it “hard for people to remain” unjabbed by coercion.

In a WaPo op-ed, she lied claiming that “(i)f everyone is (jabbed), the chance of them being infected and then contracting (flu/covid) is virtually nil (sic).”

Jabs increase the risk of contracting the viral illness and any number of other serious diseases near-or-longer-term.

She defied science by falsely claiming that being around unjabbed people increases the risk of infection (sic), adding:

“(T)he more un(jabbed) people they’re exposed to, and the higher the rate of coronavirus in their community, the higher the risk (sic).”

“This is no way refutes the effectiveness of” flu/covid jabs. 

“All three US-authorized (jabs) are extremely protective against severe disease (sic).” 

“More than 99 percent of people dying from (flu/covid) are un(jabbed) (sic).” 

“That’s testament to the extraordinary power of” jabbing (sic).

The above rubbish is an array of bald-faced Big Lies. More of the same followed.

Indisputable science refutes her phony claims.

Urging Biden “to get behind proof of” jabbing, she supports penalizing refusniks.

She likely has in mind restricting or denying them access to public places — ostracizing refusniks for protecting their health by rejecting what destroys it.

Mandating what breaches the Nuremberg Code, other international law, the US Constitution, and core medical ethics is what tyranny is all about.

That’s where things appear to be heading with extremists like Wen and many others like her backing it.

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