Sino/US Diplomatic Relations in Tatters?

Sino/US Diplomatic Relations in Tatters?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

During his Friday press briefing, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian was asked the following:

“It’s been reported that US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman expressed hope to visit China, but the offer was declined by China. Can you offer more information on this?”

In response, Zhao said “China’s position on China-US relations is consistent and clear.” 

“As to the specifics you asked about, I have nothing to read out at this moment.”

A followup statement and question was as follows:

The Biden regime’s State Department said “Sherman will travel to Japan, South Korea and Mongolia” on her upcoming East Asia trip.

“Is there any reason China is not on the list, considering some outlets previously reported that she would also visit China?”

Zhao stressed that he “just answered this question and has nothing to add.”

According to an “exclusive” South China Morning Post (SCMP) report:

“A proposed trip to Tianjin (China) by…Sherman depends on guaranteed access to power and protocols being followed,” adding:

As of Friday, “China is still preparing to host…Sherman” in late July.

Yet both “sides are haggling over protocol details and are not yet ready to make an official announcement.”

The Biden regime wants her to meet with “top (Chinese) decision makers,” according to an unnamed source.

A separate unnamed source said both sides “are currently discussing details of the meeting. (It’s) still on for now.”

On Thursday, fake news reports by the Financial Times, Newsweek and other establishment media falsely claimed that China “snub(ed) Sherman.”

During her Friday press briefing, White House press secretary Psaki said “I don’t have an update on (Sherman’s East Asia) travel” plans.

If both sides agree on a meeting she seeks, SCMP said a joint Sino/US statement would announce it.

At this time, she’ll travel to Japan, South Korea and Mongolia from July 18 – 25.

If agreement is reached on a China visit, it’ll follow the above itinerary.

At this time, China planned for her to meet with Xie Feng, Vice-Foreign Minister in charge of US affairs, according to unnamed sources.

Earlier he served as Foreign Ministry Commissioner in Hong Kong, as well as the ministry’s “point person” for Jinjiang.

Beijing also scheduled a meeting between Sherman and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The Biden regime’s State Department wants her to have direct access to “President Xi Jinping’s inner circle,” SCMP reported.

In the aftermath of illegally imposed Biden regime sanctions on seven Chinese officials — discussed in a same-day article — as well as a provocative US transport plane stopover in Taipei, both actions angering Beijing, its government may rule out a meeting with Sherman altogether.

Earlier this year, a meeting US war secretary Lloyd Austin sought with his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe was rejected by Beijing.

During a virtual Friday APEC session hosted by New Zealand, no interaction occurred between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Biden’s double.

During the June 29 and 30 G20 foreign ministers meeting in Rome, as well as visits to France and Germany, interventionist Blinken slammed what he unacceptably called a more aggressive China (sic) — ignoring US war on humanity at home and worldwide.

Attending virtually, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi slammed US “unilateralism.”

Blinken held discussions with at least four of his counterparts, China and Russia, excluded.

On Saturday, Beijing’s liaison office in Hong Kong slammed the Biden regime for “unprovoked smearing,” in response to its new sanctions, adding:

They “fuel our contempt towards US politicians and arouse our strong will to fight for our national interests.”

“Anyone who intervenes in Hong Kong’s affairs had best believe that China’s development will firmly continue, and we will deal a head-on blow to America’s unscrupulous behavior.”

Separately, China’s Foreign Ministry office in Hong Kong said the following:

“US sanctions on Chinese officials cannot at all change the Chinese government’s lawful efforts to safeguard national sovereignty, safety and development interests and determination to ensure Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.”

Hostile US actions show “the Chinese people and people of the world the ugly face of US hegemony and power politics.”

Since usurping power by brazen election rigging, Biden regime hardliners pushed US relations with China and Russia to all-time lows in modern times.

They’re far more likely to deteriorate further ahead than improve.

It’s further proof that diplomatic outreach to US regimes by nations free from their control is an exercise in futility whenever occurs — a waste of time and effort.

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