Lies, Big Lies and Whoppers About All Things Flu/Covid

Lies, Big Lies and Whoppers About All Things Flu/Covid

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US/Western flu/covid mandates and related policies are destroying what remains of free and open societies — tyranny based on fear-mongering mass deception replacing what’s disappearing in plain sight.

Sunday on CBS (fake) News Face the Nation, former Pharma connected FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about flu/covid.

He falsely claimed that “97% of the hospitalizations are in people who are un(jabbed) (sic), and most of the deaths that are occurring right now are people who are un(jabbed) (sic).”

According to peer-reviewed science — not the media proliferated pseudo-version — most flu/covid outbreaks and deaths occur in jabbed people, not the other way around.

More Gottlieb whoppers followed.

He lied saying Delta “is so contagious (sic)…that it’s going to infect” most unjabbed people (sic). 

“And for most people who get this Delta (scariant), it’s going to be the most serious virus that they get in their lifetime in terms of the risk of putting them in the hospital (sic).”

Fact: All flu/covid strains are similar. Delta is virtually no different than others — according to science. 

Claims otherwise are state-sponsored bald-faced Big Lies.

Gottlieb and likeminded pushers of mass-jabbing with health-destroying toxins are its proliferators — complicit media providing them a platform to lie and mass-deceive.

What Gottlieb falsely called a “Delta epidemic” doesn’t exist.

At a time when officially reported numbers of flu/covid outbreaks were inflated to multiple times above reality, Gottlieb lied saying:

“(W)e’re probably undercounting how many infections are in the United States right now (sic).”

According to his reinvention of reality, it’s “because (they’re) occurring in younger and healthier…asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic…people (sic).”

When people are ill, they’re symptomatic, not the other way around — no viral symptoms, no illness most always, no threat of asymptomatic people spreading illness to others.

Another Gottlieb whopper is that Delta “could be far more advanced than what we’re detecting right now (sic).”

He lied claiming that reported flu/covid outbreaks last summer were “were probably…one in 10 infections (sic),” falsely adding:

“We might be picking up something on the order of one in 10 or one in 20 infections right now because more of those infections are occurring in people who either (aren’t tested) or they’re mild infections (sic).”

PCR testing is a state-sponsored scam.

It’s all about inventing outbreaks that don’t exist — because of how they’re administered.

The vast majority of positive results are false. State-sponsored, media-proliferated claims otherwise are part of orchestrated mass deception.

The same goes for face masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm.

Yet scammers like Gottlieb, Fauci, CDC head Walensky, and others like them falsely claim otherwise.

So did former surgeon general, Pharma connected Jerome Adams.

On Saturday, he falsely said “emerging data (sic) suggests CDC should be advising to vax it and mask it (sic).”

What Walensky falsely called a “pandemic of the un(jabbed)” last week doesn’t exist.

Time and again, scammer Fauci falsely called health-destroying flu/covid jabs safe and effective.

Biden’s impersonator lied, claiming that the nonexistent flu/covid “pandemic…is among the un(jabbed) (sic).”

Gottlieb lied claiming that flu/covid jabs don’t “impact fertility (sic).”

He lied saying “quite the opposite is true (sic),” adding:

“(E)very woman who’s an expectant mom or a prospective mom should be…getting” jabbed (sic)” — ignoring that toxic jabs kill fetuses.

Gottlieb and likeminded scammers falsely claimed that unjabbed Americans are jeopardizing their health when it’s the other way around — according to science.

Lies, Big Lies and Whoppers of our times are all about exterminating maximum numbers of people with toxic jabs designed to destroy health and kill.

That’s the disturbing reality of what’s going on in the West and in other countries where Pfizer/Moderna DNA altering drugs and J & J/Astra-Zeneca vaccines are jabbing unwitting people — with intent to eliminate them.

A Final Comment

Fair Harvard joined the Delta scariant bandwagon, epidemiology professor William Hanage falsely saying the following:

“Delta is highly transmissible (sic).”

Its “higher transmissibility (sic) means it can infect people before we get to offer them protection (sic) with” — toxic jabs designed to destroy health.

“Delta’s greater virulence (sic) means that un(jabbed) people who become infected will be sicker (sic) and the burden on the health care system will be greater (sic).” 

“Evidence suggests…that an un(jabbed) person with Delta infection is roughly twice as likely to require hospital treatment than a person infected with the previously dominant variant (sic).”

Not a dime’s worth of difference distinguishes one flu/covid strain from others. They’re all alike.

Like other toxic flu/covid mass-jabbing pushers, Hanage likely supports state-sponsored destruction of public health over all-out efforts to protect and preserve it.

More rubbish like what was quoted above followed.

Is this what he teaches students at Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health?

They’d be wise to enroll elsewhere in higher education schools that teach science, not a state-approved pseudo-version.

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