State-Sponsored, Media Supported Big Lies of Our Times

State-Sponsored, Media Supported Big Lies of Our Times

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Earlier I called Pharma connected CDC director Rochelle Walensky a modern-day angel of death Joseph Mengele.

The same goes for charlatan, fraudster, profiteer Fauci and other US/Western public health officials involved in pushing mass-jabbing with deadly toxins.

Last week, Fauci turned truth on its head, falsely claiming that flu/covid booster jabs will be needed ahead — when none should ever be taken by everyone valuing their health and well-being.

On Friday, Walensky defied reality by calling flu/covid outbreaks a “pandemic of the un(jabbed) (sic)” when no “pandemic” exists.

She, Fauci, and other Biden regime scamsters continue going all-out to destroy public health instead of calling for what protects and preserves it.

Friday’s official flu/covid narrative — as reported by AP News — added the following:

“Walensky (falsely said US outbreaks) are up about 70% over the last week (sic), hospital admissions are up 36% (sic) and deaths rose by 26% (sic).” 

“Nearly all hospital admissions and deaths are among the un(jabbed) (sic).”

“White House (flu/covid) coordinator Jeff Zients echoed (that) the (nonexistent) pandemic is ‘one that predominantly threatens un(jabbed) people (sic).’ ”

“He said the Biden (regime) expects cases to increase in the weeks ahead because of spread in communities with low (mass-jabbing) rates (sic).” 

“Four states accounted for 40% of new cases last week (sic), with one in five coming from Florida (sic).”

According to Walensky’s mass deception, “(w)e are going to continue to see preventable cases, hospitalizations, and sadly deaths among the un(jabbed) (sic).”

All of the above claims are bald-faced Big Lies to convince refusniks to self-inflict harm like their jabbed counterparts.

Virtually all US/Western publicly reported information has been fabricated — vital truths important for everyone to know suppressed.

Dark forces in Western capitals are committing crimes against humanity on an unparalleled scale.

Official numbers of outbreaks are based on PCR tests that almost always are wrong when positive — because they’re administered to register false positives, instead of the other way around.

Large-scale numbers of outbreaks are needed to support the state-sponsored, media supported fear-mongering campaign — so they’re invented and reported by media press agents with social control and depopulation in mind, what the diabolical scam is all about.

Fauci, Walensky, and other US/Western scam artists are paid to support maximum harm on maximum numbers of people from flu/covid jabs designed for this purpose.

They invented a pandemic that doesn’t exist from a SARS-CoV-2 virus scientists never found despite  years of coronavirus research.

How can what never was isolated in lab analysis exist?

How can a disease be caused by a nonexistent virus?

It can’t! 

The scheme required garden variety flu to be renamed covid, US/Western scamsters claiming a nonexistent virus caused it.

Artificially inflated numbers of outbreaks and deaths are fabricated.

They’re all about spreading fear throughout Western and other societies.

Big Lies repeated enough get most people to believe almost anything no matter how untrue.

US/Western dark forces, their public health scamsters and media press agents are agents of mass deception with mass-extermination in mind.

Along with draconian social control, that’s what the biggest Big Lies of our times are all about, the most diabolical high crimes ever conceived.

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