The Biden Regime Wants Nicaragua’s Social Democracy Toppled

The Biden Regime Wants Nicaragua’s Social Democracy Toppled

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Hegemon USA wants all nations free from its control transformed into client states — headed by pro-Western puppets it installs.

Biden regime hardliners are following the failed playbook of their predecessors against Nicaragua’s Danial Ortega-led Sandinista social democratic government.

Their war on the country by other means unjustifiably justifies unlawful sanctions and other dirty tricks — on the phony pretext of promoting democracy in a nation where it already exists.

Left unexplained is that both wings of the US war party abhor democratic rule, tolerating it nowhere, especially not domestically.

In early July, Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada denounced the Biden regime’s plot against the nation and its people, saying:

“Nicaragua is a free, sovereign, and independent state.” 

“Its electoral process is being carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of Nicaragua, the electoral law and the mandates and provisions of the Supreme Electoral Council.”

“We are carrying out the processes that Nicaraguan institutionality mandates, what the Constitution and the laws mandate.”

Denouncing Biden regime efforts to destabilize the country, Moncada explained that interventionist Blinken “said…that (coercive, unlawful) measures (taken by the US) against Nicaragua (are) in coordination with Canada, EU and other countries” hostile to the rule of law, adding:

“We are witnessing the synchronization and coordination of US imperialism in tune with its allies, which are their subject countries, together with international organizations…”

“(W)e see that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (Michelle Bachelet) is always distorting information, without objectivity, and although we constantly send her reports, she ignores our information, and shares only what the US says” in support of its regime change plot.

The same applies to US-colonized OAS member states.

“What the gringos really want, with their allies, is to paralyze, stop, obstruct and prevent the triumph of the Sandinista National Liberation Front in November elections,” Moncada stressed, adding:

“That is their objective, and that is why we are seeing all their tentacles moving.” 

“Nicaragua resists US interfering. We reject it. We denounce it.”

“We condemn it, and we are very clear in saying that Nicaragua is a free, independent and sovereign country.” 

“We want to have (cooperative) relations with all countries…on a plane of respect, of sovereign equality of states and of non-interference in the internal affairs of other nations.”

On July 19, Moncada met with his counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Moscow.

Following talks, Russia’s foreign minister said the following:

“We stand in solidarity with Nicaragua in the defense of its independence and sovereignty.” 

“We outright reject any attempts (by the US and West) to interfere in the internal affairs of this country as well as any other countries.” 

“We resolutely condemn the use of ‘political engineering’ methods against Nicaragua in the context of the general elections scheduled for November.”

Lavrov slammed illegal US/Western sanctions on the nation to destabilize and undermine its government, along with wanting its economic development undermined, adding:

Russia is well aware of US color revolutions against independent nations it wants transformed into vassal states.

“Today, we and our Nicaraguan friends have reaffirmed our commitment to uphold international law, respect the UN Charter and its central role, and promote a polycentric, just, and more democratic international order,” Lavrov stressed, adding: 

“These principles underlie relations between our countries.”

Russia and Nicaragua “signed (an) agreement on international information security…” 

“Serious talks on drafting the rules of conduct of states are being launched at our initiative.” 

“We support these multilateral efforts with bilateral intergovernmental agreements with many countries. Nicaragua has joined their club,” Lavrov explained.

Last month, the Biden regime illegally sanctioned President Daniel Ortega’s daughter Camila Antonia Ortega Murillo.

Head of Nicaragua’s Creative Economy Commission, she was targeted for managing the country’s Canal 13 television.

The Biden regime’s Treasury Department falsely accused her of “spread(ing) state propaganda (a US/Western specialty)” and trying to “squeeze” other media.

Others illegally targeted included Nicaraguan Central Bank President Leonardo Ovidio Reyes Ramirez, MP Edwin Ramon Castro Rivera, and Military Social Welfare Institute head General Julio Modesto Rodriguez Balladares.

Turning truth on its head, US Treasury head of its Office of Foreign Assets Control Andrea Gacki falsely accused Ortega of “harming Nicaraguans (sic) and driving the country deeper into tyranny (sic).”

Southcom head admiral Craig Fuller earlier defied reality by calling democratic Nicaragua “an extraordinary and unusual threat” to US (regional) security” — a bald-faced Big Lie like similar ones Fuller has been notorious for.

Hostility toward Nicaragua by him and Biden regime hardliners is all about its social democracy, its public sector social investments, its anti-poverty initiatives, support for small enterprises and food sovereignty.

Since 2007, the Sandinista government greatly reduced Nicaraguan poverty.

Prioritizing neoliberal harshness over social policies, the so-called US Responsive Assistance in Nicaragua program is all about seeking regime change.

Biden regime hardliners want Nicaraguans controlled by the US.

They want them immiserated by exploitive neoliberal harshness.

They want them mistreated like their counterparts in other US-controlled despotic Latin American countries, including neighboring Honduras.

If unable to achieve its diabolical aims in November presidential and general elections, perhaps Biden regime hardliners will pursue tougher tactics ahead.

According to a weeks earlier opinion poll, support for Ortega and Sandinista rule is over threefold greater than the US-supported neoliberal opposition the vast majority of Nicaraguans reject. 

A Final Comment

On July 12, interventionist Blinken recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about democratic Nicaragua, saying:

Its Sandinista government is “undermining democracy (sic), including those with responsibility for, or complicity in, the suppression of peaceful protests (sic) or abuse of human rights (sic), and the immediate family members of such persons (sic).”

He falsely accused the government of persecuting “pro-democracy actors, presidential contenders, student activists, private sector leaders, and other political actors (sic).”

He lied accusing the government of “passing repressive laws…to restrict and criminalize speech, dissent, and political participation (sic).”

More the same followed, including phony claims of wanting civil society and independent media “silence(d) (sic).”

His unacceptable remarks are all about a Biden regime plot to replace Nicaraguan social democracy with US-controlled fascist tyranny.

Throughout the post-WW II period and earlier, the US pursued similar objectives against numerous other countries — including assassinations of leaders it wanted replaced, the most recent example in Haiti.

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