China Retaliates Against Biden Regime Sanctions

China Retaliates Against Biden Regime Sanctions

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In response to Biden regime sanctions on six Chinese officials for invented reasons, Beijing countered with its own.

Invoking its Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law for the first time, it sanctioned six Biden regime officials and one entity, including:

Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross

US/China Economic and Security Review Commission chairwoman Carolyn Bartholomew

Former Congressional-Executive Commission on China director Johathan Stivers

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs staff member DoYun Kim 

International Republican Institute’s Adam Joseph King

Human Rights Watch China director Sophie Richardson 

The Hong Kong Democratic Council — opposed to democracy as it should be.

China’s Foreign Ministry stressed that “Hong Kong is China’s Special Administrative Region.”

“Its affairs are an integral part of China’s internal affairs.” 

“Any attempt by external forces to interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs would be as futile as an ant trying to shake a big tree.”

On July 16, the Biden regime further heightened Sino/US tensions by unacceptably warning corporate America about risks of operating in Hong Kong that don’t exist.

Its so-called “Hong Kong Business Advisory” is all about trying to undermine China’s Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) — breaching international law and pushing bilateral relations toward a breaking point by unlawfully interfering in China’s internal affairs.

According to Beijing-based Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies’ Tian Feilong:

“The application of the law shows that our work in extraterritorial jurisdiction is necessary, as the legal battle on US-related issues will continue,” adding:

China’s tit-for-tat response to Biden regime sanctions is its fundamental right.

Targeted individuals and the anti-democratic Hong Kong Democratic Council illegally interferes in China’s internal affairs repeatedly.

On Friday, White House mouthpiece Psaki invented her own fabricated reality like many times before,  saying:

China’s “actions are the latest examples of how Beijing punishes private citizens, companies and civil society organizations as a way to send political signals (sic), and further illustrate the PRC’s deteriorating economic climate and rising political risk (sic),” adding: 

“Americans of both parties oppose these outrageous moves (sic) to target those who defend universal human rights and fundamental freedoms (sic), and Beijing’s attempt to intimidate and bully internationally respected NGOs (sic) only demonstrate its further isolation from the world (sic).”

China’s legitimate response to the Biden regime’s latest hostile action comes ahead of deputy to interventionist Blinken Wendy Sherman’s scheduled meeting with Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng on Sunday and Monday.

Like virtually always before, talks are certain to achieve nothing positive.

They’ll once again be a colossal waste of time Beijing should have rejected, not agreed to.

On Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhou Lijian denounced Washington’s confrontational, containment and suppression of China’s development agenda, adding:

The US unacceptably “claim(s) to talk to China from “a position of strength…reflect(ing) is arrogance and bullying.”

“We didn’t buy that” when Chinese and Biden regime officials met in Anchorage last March, “and we certainly won’t…in Tianjin” when Xie Feng meets with Sherman, adding:

During her visit, Xie will “continue to elaborate on China’s principled position (about) safeguard(ing) (the nation’s) sovereignty, security and development interests.”

“China (will consider) a meeting between State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and…Sherman after her talks with Xie.”

In response to a US 2022 National Defense Authorization Act provision that calls for “maintain(ing) (Washington’s) ability to deter China from using military force to unilaterally change the status quo with Taiwan (by increasing) defense cooperation with Taiwan,” Zhou stressed:

“There is only one China…and Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory” adding: 

“This is a historical and legal fact that cannot be altered by anyone or any force in any way.” 

Dismal Sino/US relations could unravel altogether if Biden regime hardliners and their congressional counterparts keep pushing things too far.

That’s where things are heading from many months of hostile US actions against China its leadership firmly rejects.

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