Russia and China Slam US Extrajudicial Rules-Based Order

Russia and China Slam US Extrajudicial Rules-Based Order

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

China and Russia know that hegemon USA represents an unparalleled threat to world peace, stability and rule of law principles.

Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said dealings with the US-dominated West require “steadfastness and wisdom, adding:

“I am confident, and nothing but confident, given the experience we (had in) the 1980s and the early 1990s that any unilateral concessions made by us will only be regarded as weakness.” 

Yielding to unacceptable US/Western demands assures “more and more” of the same.  

“That is why we(‘re) pursu(ing) an independent, nationally-oriented foreign policy…a pragmatic foreign policy.” 

“We will not take into consideration any threats and ultimatums, except that we will stand firm against them.”

At the same time, “(w)hile strengthening our sovereignty and doing whatever is necessary to maintain the security of the country and its citizens, we will not slide into self-isolation or confrontation…and we will not allow anyone to drag Russia into a new, costly arms race…”

Russia promotes “a unifying agenda based on international law” — polar opposite how the US and its imperial partners operate.

Russia will “cooperat(e) with” all nations willing to “demonstrate reciprocal willingness on the basis of equality and mutual respect.” 

“The fact that this approach is shared by the overwhelming majority of countries across the globe gives us strength and confidence.”

Excluded from the majority are US-dominated Western states.

Russia and China are on the same page in dealings with hegemon USA and the West, rejecting their extrajudicial rules-based order.

On Monday, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng met with interventionist Blinken’s deputy Wendy Sherman in Tianjin — at a time of greatly deteriorated bilateral relations.

Xie reportedly minced no words, saying the following:

“Washington has been trying to contain China, thinking that will solve its problems as if the only way for the US to become great again is to contain China’s development,” adding: 

US-claimed “competition, cooperation, and confrontation” policies are all about exerting pressure on China.  

“Confrontation and containment are the fundamentals. Cooperation is for expedients, and competition is a trap of discourse.” 

“When the US needs China, cooperation is required.”

“In areas where China has advantages, they cut off supply chains and impose sanctions.”

“To settle whatever the US wants to settle, and to get whatever the US intends to have, it has been seeking unilateral benefits all along.” 

“How can there be such a rule where one does all the bad deeds but takes all the benefits?”

The US “rules-based international order (is its) law of the jungle” in flagrant breach of international law — what neither China or Russia tolerate. Nor should any nations.

Xie reportedly told Sherman what actions the Biden regime must take to prevent bilateral relations from deteriorating altogether.

According to China’s Foreign Ministry, he said the US side must lift visa restrictions, rescind illegal sanctions and other unacceptable anti-China policies, drop its demand for extraditing Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou from Canada, and no longer call Chinese media foreign agents.

He also called for the Biden regime to cease harassing and otherwise mistreating Chinese nationals and officials in the US.

He “expressed strong dissatisfaction” about phony Biden regime claims that (made-in-the-USA flu/covid) originated in China, adding:

“We urge the US not to underestimate the strong determination, firm will and strong ability of the 1.4 billion Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.”

Ahead of Xie’s meeting with Sherman, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said he’d give her a “tutorial” on proper dealings with other nations — based on respect for their sovereignty, the rule of law, mutual cooperation on a level playing field.

According to the South China Morning Post, Wang said “the US must not challenge or seek to subvert China’s model of governance.”

“It must not interfere in China’s development.”

It must not violate China’s sovereignty or harm its territorial integrity.”

He was quoted saying the US “must abide by its promises on the Taiwan issue…”

China reserves the right to use “any means necessary” to counter provocations for its independence.

Monday talks accomplished nothing positive as expected

Chances for improved US relations with all nations free from its control are virtually nil, what China and Russia know well.

In support of Washington’s rage to dominate other nations, the NYT — in reporting on Xie’s meeting with Sherman — recited a list of phony US anti-China accusations.

Weeks earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping denounced what he called “insufferably arrogant lecturing from those master teachers.”

Ahead of meeting with Sherman on Monday, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the following:

“If the US hasn’t learned how to get along with other countries in an equal manner, then we have a responsibility to work with the international community to give it a good catch-up lesson.”

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