US Colonized Iraq

US Colonized Iraq

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Over 18 years ago, US forces invaded Iraq to stay — defying popular sentiment and Iraqi parliamentarians wanting them out permanently.

On Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi met with Biden’s impersonator at the White House.

No “US-Iraq partnership” exists as the fake Biden claimed.

Colonized and illegally occupied by US forces for most of the past two decades, its sovereignty destroyed, the vast majority of Iraqis want it regained.

No “shared fight against ISIS” exists   — the terrorist group created by the US for use as proxy forces where deployed by the Pentagon and CIA.

No “shift to (a) new phase” of US occupation exists.

As Iran’s Press TV explained on Tuesday, US occupation of Iran was “rebrand(ed).”

Biden’s double falsely claimed that the US “combat mission” will be over at yearend (sic).

Kadhimi betrayed Iraqis by not demanding an end to US occupation.

He falsely claimed what doesn’t exist — a “strategic partnership” with hegemon USA.

He lied saying that “(t)ogether we fight to defeat ISIS (sic).”

He virtually thanked the US for raping and destroying the country, for massacring millions of its people, telling Biden’s double:

“I thank you for all the blood and treasure that America has given for a free and democratic Iraq (sic).”

No pullout of Pentagon troops, special forces, allied paramilitaries, private military contractors and CIA elements is planned, no change in US occupation — what dark forces in Washington long ago planned to be permanent under pro-Western puppet leadership.

So-called shifting the role of US forces to training and advising is subterfuge.

According to an unnamed Biden regime official, so-called withdrawal of US forces from Iraq will take place on paper alone.

US bases in Iraq are platforms for warmaking and supplying occupying Pentagon troops in Syria with weapons, munitions and related supplies.

When US forces left Iraq in 2011, they returned to continue combat in the country and region.

According to retired US General Mark Kimmitt, the situation on the ground in Iraq remains unchanged.

Former US envoy to Iraq Ryan Crocker called its alleged mission change in the country “a game of appearances more than substance.”

Other US analysts and former US military officials said the Biden regime/Iraqi agreement is a symbolic gesture, not a change of mission.

Century Foundation fellow Aron Lund described Monday remarks at the White House as “theater.”

Former CNN Baghdad bureau chief Jane Arraf tweeted ahead of Monday’s White House meeting:

“Possibly one of the weirdest stories I’ve tackled.”

“Agreement expected on deadline for US ‘combat troops’ to withdraw from Iraq.” 

“Except US says there(’s) none and numbers won’t change.”

Following Monday White House theatrics, the State Department continued the subterfuge, saying:

The US mission will “fully transition to a training, advising, assisting, and intelligence-sharing role” by December 2021 — in name only, adding:

US and Iraqi “delegations emphasized that bases hosting US and (allied troops) are Iraqi bases (sic) and are operating per existing Iraqi laws (sic).”

“They are not US or (so-called) coalition bases, and the presence of international personnel in Iraq is solely in support of…Iraq’s fight against ISIS (sic).”

US occupation of Iraq intends “to deal with future threats” — caused by its regional presence and forever wars left unexplained.

The so-called changed Biden regime mission in Iraq continues US dirty business as usual.

The same applies to wherever US forces are deployed — their mission all about advancing its imperial aims at the expense of world peace and stability.

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