Record Number of Serious Flu/Covid Cases in Israel

Record Number of Serious Flu/Covid Cases in Israel

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

With over 60% of its people double-jabbed, Israel ranks third (tied with Bahrain) behind the UAE and Chile with the highest percent of its population fully jabbed for flu/covid — according to Our World in Data as of July 23.

Yet on Sunday, Haaretz reported that serious flu/covid cases are at a “record high.”

Unreported by Israeli and Western media is that nations with the greatest percent of their population jabbed are experiencing the highest number of outbreaks.

Jabbing proliferates them.

The most effective way to protect and preserve what’s too precious to lose is by practicing good health habits and staying unjabbed — for good reason. 

Flu/covid mRNA drugs and vaccines are designed to destroy health, not the other way around.

It shows in what’s going on in Israel, Western countries and elsewhere, the worst likely ahead during the upcoming October-May flu season.

According to Haaretz, the Bennett regime “is (about) to approve…monitoring Israelis obliged to quarantine via an app on their smartphones,” adding:

“According to a proposal by the health and public security ministries, anyone returning from abroad and required to self-isolate would need to use the designated app to send a one-time update to the authorities on their location, after which (Israeli Big Brother) will monitor them.”

In recent weeks, numbers of serious flu/covid cases in Israel rose significantly.

Over the weekend, they rose to the highest number since April, according to Israel’s health ministry.

Bennett regime flu/covid czar Nachman Ash said “the trend of increased infection continues,” adding:

“The rate of serious illness is significant. (They’re) beginning to worry us.”

If reaches hundreds daily, “it will be very worrying.”

“It will certainly present a red line for additional steps we must take in order to stop the infection.”

Public health services head Sharon Alroy-Preis said rising numbers of serious cases “will increase (further) if we do not take steps to reduce the infection rate,” adding:

“We see an increase in the number of diagnoses every day.”

“(O)ver a million people” remain unjabbed. 

What she, Ash and Haaretz failed to explain that they’re most protected from flu/covid for refusing to be jabbed.

Their jabbed counterparts irreversibly harmed their health and shortened their lifespans by toxins injected into their bodies.

Yet Ash and Alroy-Preis may call for a third jab that will make a bad situation worse if pushed, Ash saying:

“If there is a specific situation in which the infection rate rises…(w)e will need to make an informed decision on” what to do.

Last week, Israel’s health ministry said Pfizer jabs are less effective in preventing infection than earlier believed.

It should have explained that they’re not designed for this purpose, that mass-jabbing with them destroys health, that jabbing never should have pushed in the first place.

They don’t produce immunity to flu/covid, nor provide any benefits.

They’re high-risk with no rewards, clearly not the way to treat flu/covid.

As discussed in a previous article, Dr. Charles Hoffe warned that “the vast majority of people (jabbed for fu/covid) will die within a few short years from heart failure.”

Most falling ill from the virus were jabbed for protection not gotten.

Last week, NBC News Chicago’s Channel 5 reported that over 150 people “died and more than 500 (were) hospitalized in Illinois…after they were fully (jabbed),” citing state health officials.

Similar reports are becoming more frequent in the US and Europe.

UK physician Patricki Vallance reported that 60% of Brits hospitalized for flu/covid were fully jabbed, then downplayed the toll to 40% in a video titled “The Deadly Truth About” jabs.

He titled a third video “Why the (Jabbed) Are Acting Strange — And Why it Will Get Even Worse.”

Jabbing virtually assures harm to health straightaway or later on.

It’s just a matter of when and how great a toll is coming.

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