Biden Regime War on Cuba by Other Means

Biden Regime Escalates War on Cuba by Other Means

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

War on humanity by hot and other means is official policy of both right wings of the US one-party state.

It’s raging domestically by mass-jabbing millions with deadly toxins designed to destroy health and kill.

On the world stage, it’s ongoing against all nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights and public welfare to a higher power in Washington with diabolical aims in mind.

Along with China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, Cuba is a prime US target for regime change.

Biden regime dirty hands were all over mid-July protests in the country — the CIA, NED and USAID involved in what aims to eliminate its free and open society, wanting US-controlled tyranny replacing it.

On July 22, the Biden regime imposed illegal sanctions on Cuba’s Defense Minister Alvaro Lopez Miera and the Interior Ministry’s National Special Brigade (SNB) — in charge of protecting Cuban safety and security, including from hostile actions by foreign regimes like the US.

On Friday, more illegal US sanctions followed.

Citing the Obama/Biden regime’s repressive 2012 Magnitsky Act legislation and Trump regime’s Executive Order 13818 (December 2017) — targeting individuals for invented human rights abuses or corruption — longstanding US specialties — a Biden regime Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) press release said the following:

“Today’s sanctions expand upon Treasury’s July 22, 2021 designations by sanctioning additional persons in connection with actions to suppress (made-in-the USA) protests in Cuba that began on July 11” — with destabilizing the country and regime change in mind. 

“The targets of today’s designations are OSCAR CALLEJAS VALCARCE (CALLEJAS), EDDY SIERRA ARIAS (SIERRA), and the POLICIA NACIONAL REVOLUCIONARIA (PNR) of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT).”

Illegally imposed sanctions have nothing to do with allegations of human rights abuses et al.

They have everything to do with with decades of US war on the country and its people by other means — mainly by making its economy scream.

Magnitsky Act legislation imposes visa bans, asset freezes, and other sanctions on Russian nationals — ones falsely accused of committing human rights abuses. 

Sergey Lavrov called the measure “anti-Russian.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov called it “outrageous…inadmissible” extraterritorial legislation — imposed illegally on Russia and other targeted nations by the world’s leading human rights abuser USA.

According to the Biden regime, more of the same is coming against Cuba — as well as against other targeted nations.

On Friday, interventionist Blinken’s deputy mouthpiece Jalina Porter said the US “is actively pursuing measures that would both support the Cuban people (by harming them) as well as hold…Cuban (ruling authorities) accountable for (invented) human rights violations.” 

Separately, Blinken falsely claimed that the US “stands in solidarity with the people of Cuba.”

His Big Lie flies in the face of US efforts to immiserate them.

The same holds for people in all nations free from US imperial control.

On Friday, Telesur reported that “(d)espite campaign promises, (the Biden regime failed) to reverse any of Trump’s 243 (illegal) measures imposed on Cuba,” adding:

Biden regime sanctions war on the country aims to oust its government by “creating severe shortages of fuel, machine parts, and medical supplies, among other goods.”

Illegal US sanctions are economic weapons of war and state-sponsored terrorism.

They aim to inflict pain and suffering on ordinary people of targeted nations through economic suffocation — yet never achieve their objectives.

Increased multi-world polarity weakened the ability of hegemon USA to achieve its geopolitical aims by hardball tactics.

Cuba withstood everything imposed on the nation and its people by the US since its liberating 1959 revolution.

So did North Korea since the peninsula was divided in August 1945, Iran since its liberating 1979 revolution, Venezuela since Hugo Chavez’s 1998 election, Russia under Vladimir Putin since 1999, and other nations free from US imperial control.

Illegally increasing pressure on sovereign states at a time of its decline on the world stage is highly unlikely to fare better ahead at what it failed to achieve at the height of its power decades earlier.

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