Flu/Covid Jabs: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Flu/Covid Jabs: Weapons of Mass Destruction

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Designed to harm, not protect, flu/covid jabs are all about social control and depopulation on an unparalleled scale.

Jabs, double-jabs, and boosters accelerate the process.

Yet on Thursday, Bennett regime run Israel became the first nation to push triple-jabbing for people over age-60 — because of rising outbreaks caused by over 60% of its population double-jabbed.

Nations with the greatest percent of their people jabbed are experiencing the highest number of outbreaks.

Triple-jabbing Israelis is virtually certain to cause accelerated numbers.

The more jabs administered to more people, the higher they’ll mount.

Yet ceremonial president Herzog defied reality by saying “I am proud we are the first country to vaccinate with a third dose (sic),” adding:

“The step we are doing here is an important one for social solidarity in” dystopia Israel.

According to PM Bennett, the Jewish state “is a pioneer in (triple-dosing) older people (sic),” adding:

“The fight against (flu/covid) is a global fight (sic).”

It’s the equivalent of combatting crabgrass in lawns with toxic pesticides that harm humans, pets and global health, he failed to add. 

According to Children’s Health Defense (CHD) founder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr:

“Coerced medical interventions have been abhorrent to advocates of liberty and human dignity in every age,” adding:

“This type of coercion would be unthinkable to the founding fathers of this nation, and it should be unthinkable to all Americans today who value freedom from tyrannical governments.”

Fast-tracked flu/covid mRNA drugs and vaccines “are shoddily tested, experimental, unapproved, and so risky their manufacturers can neither obtain insurance coverage nor indemnify users against grave injuries or death should magnify our ethical revulsion.”

According to Western public health agency reports through mid-July, around 3.5 million people experienced adverse events.

Many thousands died. Others shortened their lifespans by risking contraction of one or more serious diseases near-or-longer-term.

CHD president and general counsel Mary Holland stressed the following, saying:

“The government has no business dictating experimental medical interventions,” adding: 

“This situation is even more unfathomable as people who get (flu/covid jabs) are still being infected, sometimes fatally, with the same virus they’ve been (jabbed for alleged protection) against.”

All medical interventions involve risks, notably prescription drugs and vaccines with toxic side effects that can be deadly.

“It defies logic” and health to use improperly tested drugs, instead of recommending known “therapeutic and prophylactic treatments (with) significant benefit(s) (and) little risk,” Holland stressed.

During a televised press conference, Bennett went the other way, saying:

“Call your parents and grandparents now and make sure they get the third shot” of what’s toxic, not beneficial.

Turning truth on its head, Bennett called health-destroying Pfizer mRNA jabs and flu/covid vaccines “safe (sic).”

He lied saying they “protect from severe morbidity and death (sic).”

“Get the booster” jab and perish sooner than without it, he failed to explain.

According to what Haaretz called “experts,” no data exists “on the effectiveness and safety of a third dose.”

There’s plenty showing harm to health from one or more jabs.

According to the Israeli People’s Committee, never have drugs or vaccines “injured so many” seriously in such a short span of time.

Numbers are mounting exponentially, especially in the West, Israel and other developed countries.

Establishment media suppress the exponentially rising toll in promoting what should be exposed, condemned and opposed.

Prioritizing profits over health, Pfizer applied for booster-jabbing emergency use authorization in the US — despite knowing no emergency exists, an invented one alone, and multiple jabs increase harm and hasten death.

According to fear-mongering from Israel’s Sheba Medical Center head of infectious diseases Dr. Galia Rahav:

“We’re seeing a dramatic drop in the level of immunity, and we know the elderly respond less to vaccines than the young, but we don’t have this data for” flu/covid.

On Wednesday, Israeli health ministry members voted near-unanimously for flu/covid jabbing the country’s over-60 population a third time — ignoring how much greater harm they’ll cause. 

The move followed Pfizer falsely claiming that triple-dosing increases antibodies by five to 11-fold (sic).

Israel’s Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center falsely claimed that “(w)ithout widespread immunization (of) the public (flu/covid jabs don’t provide), the number of new and serious cases is expected to rise to such an extent that it could lead to congestion in the community health clinics and hospitals (sic).”

Israel reinstated its draconian Green Pass mandate.

It requires Israelis over age-12 to present proof of jabbing, a flu/covid recovery certificate, or negative test result within 72 hours of where they’ll be around 100 or more people — including restaurants, bars, hotels, conferences, synagogues, and sporting events, etc.

The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved the plan through August 7 — subject to re-approval or alternate plan if mandated.

Hundreds of Israeli mask police will be deployed to assure face-coverings are worn in public.

Draconian policies in place throughout the West, Israel and elsewhere are likely to end what remains of free and open societies ahead.

It’s on the phony pretext of protecting health by policies intended to destroy it.

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