Large-Scale Flu/Covid Outbreaks in Heavily Jabbed Gibraltar and Iceland

Large-Scale Flu/Covid Outbreaks in Heavily Jabbed Gibraltar and Iceland

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to on Saturday, a “massive” increase in flu/covid outbreaks occurred in Gibraltar and Iceland — “despite over 90% of their (adult) population(s)” jabbed.

It’s more evidence that jabbing increases outbreaks instead of protecting against and preventing them.

Flu/covid jabs aren’t designed to protect against viral infection, only to mitigate symptoms short-term, it’s alleged.

Mounting evidence shows that jabbing increases flu/covid outbreaks and destroys health.

Official narrative/media supported benefits claimed are fake news.

The populations of Gibraltar and Iceland are almost entirely jabbed — 99% of the former fully jabbed, 90 – 98 of Icelanders, aged 40 – 70 and over-70 respectively.

Yet outbreaks are surging in both countries.

It’s further proof that numbers of outbreaks rise in proportion to the percent of populations jabbed — polar opposite phony official narrative claims otherwise.

The same thing is true in Israel and other countries with most of their people jabbed for flu/covid protection — not gotten.

Ignore media proliferated fake news about surging delta scariant outbreaks in Western and other countries.

It’s part of state-sponsored fear-mongering mass deception to convince unjabbed skeptics to get theirs — wanting maximum numbers of people irreversibly harmed.

Flu/covid is also surging in heavily jabbed Singapore.

According to the country’s National University’s Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health Dean Teo Yik Ying:

“As more and more people are (jabbed) in Singapore, we will see more infections happening among (jabbed) people.”

In stark contrast to the above, Sweden reported zero flu/covid deaths in late July.

Since seasonal flu was deceptively renamed covid early last year, Sweden got things right by largely maintaining normal daily life for its people.

Among European countries, Sweden ranks highest in personal freedoms and public health by going its own way with less than 40% of its population jabbed for flu/covid, no face masks or other draconian restrictions.

A Final Comment

On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the following:

“(I)t’s very important that we say unequivocally no to lockdowns, no to school closures, no to restrictions and no to mandates,” adding:

“Floridians are free to choose — and all Americans should be free to choose — how they govern their affairs, how they take care of themselves and our families,” adding:

“(T)hey should not be consigned to live…in a Faucian dystopia in which we’re governed by the whims of bureaucratic authorities who care little for our freedom, little for our aspirations and little for our happiness.”

“No more. We can’t let it happen going forward.”

If governors of the other 49 states operated like DeSantis on all things flu/covid, it might not defeat the diabolical state-sponsored campaign for maximum harm on maximum numbers of people.

But it would go a long way toward mitigating what’s going on — instead of things going the other way.

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