Hostile Biden Regime Steps Against Russia, China and Iran

Hostile Biden Regime Steps Against Russia, China and Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

War on humanity defines US policy at home and abroad.

Biden regime hardliners exceed Star Trek — going beyond the worst of where their predecessors went before.

Along with war on ordinary Americans with mass-extermination in mind, their war by other means rages on all nations free from US imperial control — notably Russia, China and Iran.

On Monday, the Biden regime expelled 24 more Russian diplomats — ordered out of the US by September 3.

According to Russia’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov:

“(T)he situation does not change for the better.” 

“Russian diplomatic missions in the US are forced to work under unprecedented restrictions that not only remain in effect, but are stepped up.”

“(E)xpulsions of (Russian) diplomats are (based on) far-fetched pretexts” — part of longstanding US war on the country by other means.

Two dozen expelled Russian diplomats will leave before September 3 “without replacements because (the Biden regime) abruptly tightened visa issuing procedures.”

At this time, US visas of 130 Russian diplomats and family members expired because the Biden regime failed to renew what should have been automatic to maintain bilateral relations.

According to Antonov:

“We have shown restraint for a very long time, despite the longterm, consistent and deliberate deterioration of the life and working conditions of Russian diplomats in the US.” 

“This includes seizure of our property and expulsion of employees, when people were given only 72 hours to leave the country.”

“People cannot leave for their homeland even on urgent humanitarian matters.” 

“More than 30 new employees are deprived of the opportunity to enter the (US because) they (haven’t been) issued visas.”

Biden regime hardliners are going all out to undermine US relations with Russia altogether — escalating war on the country by other means beyond where its predecessors went.

On Monday, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi slammed interventionist Blinken’s attempt to mobilize ASEAN countries against Beijing.

According International Relations Professor Li Haidong, US Indo-Pacific policy is hostile to the interests of its nations.

In response to Blinken’s anti-China rhetoric, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhou Lijian responded, saying:

“We firmly reject these US remarks.”

They “disregard facts, distort right and wrong, and attempt to pressure China with unfounded allegations.”

“They expose the US side’s hegemony, bullying and double standards.”

“(T)he US should not forget the following facts.” 

Washington “tr(ies) to justify its open double standard, hegemony and bullying with a high-sounding pretext.” 

“The US should reflect upon itself and stop wanton attacks on China.” 

“One can only earn respect from others with proper self-conduct.”

The South China Morning Post noted that the Biden regime “has been tougher on Beijing than expected.”

It “intensif(ied) efforts to rally allies against what it views as” a threat to its hegemonic aims.

In response, Beijing is “review(ing)  how it should define its relations with the US.”

“The review is expected to lead to a new set of guiding principles for Beijing’s US policy.”

It’s expected to ditch the “ ‘new model of major country relations,’ which glosses over deep rifts between (both) countries, and acknowledg(e) the competitive nature of their relationship.”

President Xi Jinping believes that diplomatic relations with the US haven’t worked as hoped for.

He called for China to “abandon the illusion that ties with the US can (become) less confrontational” at a time when bilateral relations are “in free fall.”

Last month, China’s Xie Feng reportedly minced no words in telling Biden regime Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman the following:

“The Chinese people look at things with eyes wide open.” 

“They see (US) competitive, collaborative and adversarial rhetoric as a thinly veiled attempt to contain and suppress China.” 

“They feel the real emphasis is on the adversarial aspect.” 

“The collaborative aspect is just an expediency, and the competitive aspect is a narrative trap.”

According to an unnamed Chinese source, “Xie’s handling of (talks with Sherman) shows China no longer has high hopes about building a friendly atmosphere” with the US.

In 2019, Xi Jinping called on Chinese officials demonstrate a “fighting spirit” in dealing with challenges the nation faces, adding: 

“In tackling all kinds of major struggles, we must show that we dare to fight, and are capable of fighting.”

His remark and similar ones reflect his government’s disillusionment about US hostility toward China.

Instead of improved bilateral relations with the Biden regime, things continue to deteriorate.

According to Fudan University’s Center for American Studies director Wu Xinbo:

China “no longer harbor(s) (for) rebuilding trust and cooperation” with the US.

“We have adjusted our approach.” 

“We will still cooperate with the US while we can, but we would also fight when we should.”

Separately on Monday, interventionist Blinken promised what he called a “collective (US/Western/Israeli) response” to Iran.

Along with the Naftali Bennett and Boris Johnson regimes, he falsely accused Tehran of attacking the Liberian-flagged Japanese-owned Mercer Street tanker managed by Israeli-owned Zodiac Maritime.

Like his UK/Israeli counterparts, he presented no corroborating evidence because none supports his fabricated claim.

On Monday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh stressed the following:

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is a defender and supporter of safe and harmless shipping in the Persian Gulf and international waters, while it has the longest water borders in the Persian Gulf and is always ready to cooperate on providing maritime security with the regional countries,” adding:

The US and UK support “terrorist attacks and acts of sabotage against the Iranian commercial ships in the Red Sea and international waters, and now in a clearly politically-motivated move they have raised false allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran does not hesitate in protecting its security and national interests and will respond to any possible adventurous move immediately powerfully and seriously.”

Separately on Monday, Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri stressed that the Trump and Netanyahu regimes conducted numerous hostile actions against Iranian vessels in international waters, saying: 

“They exploded or damaged 12 of our oil tankers.” 

“The Israelis stepped onto one of our oil tankers and exploded it.”

Time and again, US, Western, Israeli regimes falsely accuse targeted nations of their own high crimes committed against them.

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