Iran a Nuclear Threshold State?

Iran a Nuclear Threshold State?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Time and again, nuclear armed and dangerous USA and Israel repeat  long ago debunked claims about Iran.

They invented an Iranian nuclear threat that doesn’t exist — yet persist in repeating Big Lies that won’t die.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif earlier tweeted the following:

“Iran, a country without nuclear weapons, is threatened with atomic annihilation by (by US/Iranian) warmonger” regimes.

No evidence suggests that Iran aims to develop nukes — what it wants eliminated everywhere.

Its legitimate nuclear program with no military component is the world’s most heavily monitored.

In stark contrast, US/Israeli regimes prohibit inspections of their nuclear bomb facilities — despite the unparalleled threat they and partnered states pose to world peace.

On Sunday, the Times of Israel reported Bennett regime fake news, saying:

Israel “warned (sic) the US that Iran is close to becoming a threshold nuclear state (sic),” adding:

The Big Lie that won’t die “is raising consternation among senior (Israeli) officials (sic), who have relayed their concerns to their US counterparts (sic).”

Foreign minister Lapid and war minister Gantz issued an “unusual warning.”

Ahead of further JCPOA talks in Vienna next month after President-elect Ebrahim Raisi takes office — on dates not announced so far — they reportedly said:

“Something has to happen with the negotiations with Iran.” 

“This ‘limbo’ cannot be a time when Iran is quickly advancing toward becoming a nuclear threshold state (sic).”

In June, Bennett recited his own Big Lies that won’t die, saying:

“We would like the world to understand that (Iran) is violent and fanatical (sic)” adding:

“It selected the ‘Hangman of Tehran’ as its president (sic) — a man who is willing to starve his own people for years in order to have a military nuclear program (sic).”

Israel “will continue to consult with our friends, persuade, discuss, and share information and insights out of mutual respect (sic).” 

“But at the end of the day, we will be responsible for our own fate, nobody else.”

Like Netanyahu and hardliners around him, Bennett regime officials falsely claim that the JCPOA as unanimously affirmed by Security Council members in 2015 threatens Israel’s security — a bald-faced Big Lie whenever claimed.

Last month, IDF chief General Aviv Kohavi falsely claimed that the JCPOA “allows Iran to make significant advances in the coming years in the quantity and quality of centrifuges and in the amount and quality of enriched uranium (sic),” adding: 

There’s “lack of oversight in the area of developing a nuclear weapon (sic).”

Ignored by US and Israeli hardliners is that Iran fully complies with its Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and JCPOA obligations — worlds apart from how the US-dominated West and apartheid Israel operate.

The 1970 NPT bans all UN member states from developing and producing nuclear weapons, except for the US, Russia, Britain, France and China known to have them at the time.

The treaty also committed the above nations to eventually eliminate their arsenals.

Instead, the Obama and Trump regimes pledged to spend more than $1 trillion over several decades to strengthen and upgrade the nation’s nuclear weapons capabilities.

Along with Israel, they talk peace while waging forever wars against invented enemies by hot and/or other means.

Separately according to Fars News, Israeli media analyst Edy Cohen said Israel supports terrorist groups (allied with US-supported ISIS) in Iran’s Southwestern province of Khuzestan, adding:

“Rioters and armed militants disguised (as) protestors…have been holding rallies to demand solutions of their problems related to water shortages and drought in” the province.

Supporter of US-backed opposition elements in Iran Elahe Sharifpour-Hicks said Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO/MEK) terrorists trained by Israel are involved in Khuzestan to heighten tensions and instability in the province.

US/Israeli supported terrorist groups threaten Iran and other regional countries free from their control. 

Separately according to the WSJ last week, the Biden regime may sanction Iran’s oil sales to China — to pressure its government to accept unacceptable US JCPOA-related demands.

If this step is taken, the JCPOA may dissolve altogether.

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