Russia Slams Fake News by OPCW Head Arias

Russia Slams Fake News by OPCW Head Arias

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On August 4, Russia’s deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyansky slammed Big Lies and mass deception on implementation of SC Res. 2118 by pro-Western tool/OPCW director Fernando Arias.

Adopted in September 2013, it called for scheduled destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons (CWs) — ruling out military force.

Damascus fully complied with its provisions, eliminating its CW stockpile entirely, verified at the time by OPCW inspectors.

Despite fully complying with its obligations, phony claims of noncompliance persist — by the current OPCW leadership in cahoots with the US-dominated West.

In February, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia slammed unacceptable OPCW/Western demands for Syria to “declare chemical weapons that it does not have.” 

US-dominated Western countries falsely and “deliberately (accuse Syria) of violating its obligations under the CWC (Chemical Weapons Convention)” and provisions of Res. 2118.

No evidence is ever presented to prove phony accusations because none exists.

“Syria does not evade cooperating with the OPCW,” Nebenzia stressed. 

“It faithfully accommodates all inspections, provides materials, and demonstrates readiness for dialogue in every possible way.”

The current OPCW Technical Secretariat (TS) in cahoots with the West pretends otherwise.

Despite full compliance by Damascus with its obligations, “its chemical file clearly shows that as long as (Western) countries maintain political pressure…there will always be ‘unresolved issues,’ ” Nebenzia stressed.

What’s going on in Syria is reminiscent of phony claims of Iraqi WMDs under Saddam Hussein ahead of Bush/Cheney’s 2003 aggression.  

On Wednesday, Polyansky slammed US/Western tool Arias as follows:

His replies to questions by SC members were “densely packed with discrepancies and straight-up distortions.”

“(T)hey were so striking that we had to react by circulating our arguments as official UNSC documents.” 

“The Syrian side had to make a similar step” to set the record straight by debunking his Big Lies.

Polyansky focused on his most egregious distortions of truth — notably one Big Lie discussed below — others to be debunked at a later briefing.  

He repeated fake news conclusions from the OPCW’s so-called Fact-Finding Mission on the alleged April 2018 Douma incident.

There was none. The official narrative was fabricated.

Residents, medical personnel and Russian technical experts were unanimous in their judgment. 

No attack occurred. No one was ill or hospitalized from toxic CW exposure, no one dead, no one harmed in any way. 

The OPCW’s fact-finding mission rubber-stamped the official falsified narrative — trashing its reputation at the same time.

Polyansky: Its report was a “direct forgery and disinformation,” ignoring indisputable facts.

OPCW Big Lies breached Article 15 of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

Its TS violated “norms (and) methods (of) data collection.”

Its conclusions “were biased and pursued only one goal.”

It “was not to come up with a truthful overview of the events.”

“It was to make the facts fit pre-cooked conclusions about Damascus being guilty” in contradiction to facts proving otherwise.

Arias virtually admitted that the OPCW failed to follow “CWC-stipulated methodology and the chain of custody when conducting its investigations.”

Its biased methodology breached the CWC multiple times over.

Arias ignored that “Syria faithfully complied with all obligations” as reported by the OPCW earlier.

Russia “repeatedly warned about the destructive ramifications for the OPCW’s reputation” by fabricating reports about Syria — in cahoots with the US-dominated West.

“Despite this, the Syrian side does not refuse to collaborate, but demonstrates openness and readiness for dialogue with the” OPCW’s TS — that betrayed the nation and people time and again.

For its part, “Russia calls for strict compliance with the CWC.”

“But instead of this, the TS violates the convention.”

“(I)nstead of curbing those violations, (Arias) openly boasts about them…(increasingly) politicizing” the organization.

It’s become “a tool” to punish enemies of the US-dominated West.

Its reputation in tatters over repeatedly breaching its mandate, the organization can no longer be taken seriously.

What Polyansky called “a lamentable situation” leaves no “optimism” for positive change.

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