Biden Regime Imperial Arrogance Updated

Biden Regime Imperial Arrogance Updated 

by Stephen Lendman

At a virtual Monday Security Council session on maintenance of maritime security — threatened by hegemon USA and its imperial partners — interventionist Blinken recited his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies about nations free from Washington’s control.

Focusing on frequent target China, he falsely accused Beijing of “dangerous encounters between vessels at sea (sic) and provocative actions (sic) to advance unlawful maritime claims (sic).” 

Ignoring Washington’s military footprint in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong, he lied claiming China “intimidate(s) and bull(ies) other states” — what’s longstanding US practice worldwide against invented adversaries.

Citing no evidence because none exists, he falsely accused China of “unlawful maritime claims in the South China Sea (sic)” — while ignoring US/NATO/Israeli war on humanity, their illegal foreign occupations, and other daily rule of law breaches.

In stark contrast, China and other nations free from US control wage peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other nations, according to the rule of law — principles hegemon USA and its imperial partners long ago abandoned in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

Along with China, Blinken bashed Iran and Russia — falsely accusing them of “provocatively and unlawfully advancing their interests in the Persian Gulf and the Black Sea (sic).”

He lied accusing nonbelligerent Iran of targeting the Israeli-managed Mercer Street vessel.

He lied calling what Iran had nothing to do with “part of a pattern of attacks and other provocative behavior (sic).”

He lied accusing the Islamic Republic of “threaten(ing) freedom of navigation (sic)” — what applies to the US in waters where its warships don’t belong.

He lied accusing nonbelligerent Russia “aggressive actions against Ukraine (sic) (in) the Black Sea, Kerch Strait and Sea of Azov (sic).”

He lied claiming Moscow conducts “dangerous incursions (against Kiev) on the sea and in the air and the harassment of vessels, which are disrupting commerce and energy access (sic).”

He lied saying “Crimea is Ukraine (sic).”

Like other US hardliners dismissive of the rule of law, Blinken lies and otherwise mass deceives about all things related to invented US adversaries repeatedly, he’s likely unable to separate facts from fiction.

Threats he cites against nations free from US control don’t exist.

As chief pseudo-diplomat for the illegitimate Biden regime — empowered by usurping it — he pushes things for confrontation with independent nations in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and US Constitution under its Supremacy Clause.

On Monday, the Biden regime imposed more illegal sanctions on Russia.

Targeting electronic manufacturer Pulsar, Charter Green Light Moscow, and Asia-Invest, the State Department invented its own reality, claiming:

“A determination has been made that a number of foreign persons have engaged in activities that warrant the imposition of measures pursuant to Section 3 of the Iran, North Korea, and Syria Nonproliferation Act (sic).”

US purchases from, sales to, and other commercial dealings with the above entities are prohibited.

Russia’s envoy to the US Anatoly Antonov slammed the latest hostile US action against his country, saying:

Following earlier unacceptable actions of its predecessors, the Biden regime “continues to escalate the situation artificially,” adding: 

“Having arrogated to itself the right to judge and punish all ‘the unwanted,’ it again follow(ed) the path of introducing unilateral restrictions in circumvention of international law and the UN Security Council.”

“We consider this approach unacceptable and fundamentally contradicting the ‘spirit of Geneva’, as well as efforts to stabilize relations between the two countries.”

In response to Blinken’s hostile Monday remarks about China, its UN mission’s charge d’affaires Dai Bing called hegemon USA “the biggest threat to peace and stability in the South China Sea” by its military presence where it doesn’t belong.

The US never ratified the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Yet it arrogantly, unacceptably, arbitrarily, and falsely accuses China of breaching the convention.

The US “has no credibility on maritime issues,” Dai stressed, adding:

Blinken is “not qualified to make irresponsible remarks on the issue of South China Sea.”

“All countries enjoy freedom of navigation (in its waters) and overflight in accordance with international law.”

Time and again, hegemon USA “stir(s) up trouble out of nothing, arbitrarily sending advanced military vessels and aircraft into the South China Sea as provocations and publicly trying to drive a wedge between regional countries.”

It’s “the biggest threat to peace and stability” worldwide.

A Final Comment

Along with illegal new sanctions on Russia in breach of the UN Charter, the Biden regime also targeted neighboring Belarus — illegally sanctioning 23 individuals and 21 entities.

They included government agencies and commercial enterprises.

A Biden regime statement falsely accused Belarus of “harmful activities and longstanding abuses aimed at suppressing democracy and the exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms in” the country (sic), adding:

It falsely claimed that the above applies to “illicit and oppressive activities (sic) stemming from the August 9, 2020 fraudulent Belarusian presidential election and its aftermath (sic), such as the elimination of political opposition and civil society organizations (sic) and…disruption and endangering of international civil air travel (sic).”

The democratically elected Belarusian government “constitute(s) an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the US (sic).”

All of the above claims are rubbish. They’re invented.

They’re illegitimate to unjustifiably justify escalated war on the country, its leadership and people by other means.

It’s how hegemon USA operates against all nations free from its control.

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