US Troops and Air Defenses to Nazi-Infested Ukraine?

US Troops and Air Defenses to Nazi-Infested Ukraine?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

Last spring, interventionist Blinken falsely accused Russia of “pos(ing) (a) threat…to Ukraine (sic),” adding:

The Biden regime is “watching this very, very closely and very, very carefully (sic).”

“We’re proud (sic) to have supported (Nazi-infested) Ukraine in the face of years of (nonexistent) Russian aggression and pressure (sic).”

“(W)e stand strongly with you (sic).”

“And we look to Russia to cease reckless and aggressive actions (sic)” — a US, NATO, Ukraine, Israeli specialty, polar opposite how nonbelligerent Russia operates.

Blinken also pledged Biden regime support “to make sure that Ukraine can defend itself against aggression” — what it doesn’t face from Russia or any other countries.

Yet Russophobe Blinken compounded his litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Moscow, saying that the illegitimate Biden regime “oppose(s) (its nonexistent) destabilizing actions toward Ukraine (sic),” stressing:

“(W)e’ll continue to provide Ukraine (with US support) to strengthen its security, its defenses” against invented enemy Russia. 

No foreign threat to Kiev exists so US/Ukrainian regimes invented one.

On Tuesday, deputy US-installed Zelensky regime prime minister Alexey Reznikok called for the Biden regime to deploy Pentagon forces and air defenses (for offense) to eastern Ukraine.

His request was made in remarks at the militant Washington-based Jamestown Foundation think tank — a major red line provocation for Moscow if this step is taken.

Defying reality, Reznikok falsely said the Zelensky regime is “especially concerned about (Russian) actions aimed at preparing Crimea for the deployment of nuclear weapons there (sic).” 

“It is with the support of Crimea that Russia carries out military operations in the Middle East and Africa, and affects the Balkans (sic).”

In response to his over-the-top remarks, Crimean parliament diplomatic committee head Yury Gempel slammed them as provocatively untrue.

Russian lower house State Duma MP Andrey Kozenko urged Reznikok to seek “psychotherap(y).”

Last February, Ukrainian hardliners urged US-NATO warplanes to provocatively patrol airspace near Russia’s Republic of Crimean borders.

At the same time, Ukraine’s prime minster Shmigal said the Zelensky regime would “start building two naval bases, one in the Black Sea one, in the Azov Sea” to increase the presence of Western-backed regional forces.

At a press conference with US-installed NATO secretary general Stoltenberg, the alliance head defiantly called for fascist Ukraine to be “a candidate for NATO membership” — a move the Kremlin considers crossing an unacceptable red line.

Months earlier, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“The appearance on our borders of a powerful military bloc…will be considered by Russia as a direct threat to our country’s security,” adding:

Russian missiles will target Ukraine if it joins NATO or allows Washington’s (solely for offense) missile defense shield to be installed in the country.

Separately, he said that Moscow will “react to what’s going on around us.”

Granting NATO membership to neighboring states Ukraine and/or Georgia will have “extremely negative consequences.”

It’ll breach “treaties between Russia and NATO.”

Sergey Lavrov earlier said the following:

“(A)ttempts to draw Ukraine into NATO would be negative for the entire system of European security, and we would be categorically against it.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier called for “a 100% guarantee that no one would think about Ukraine (or Georgia) joining NATO.”

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu earlier warned that Moscow “will act” if Ukraine and/or Georgia join NATO – calling this move if occurs part of Washington’s  “militarization of the European continent” against Russia.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry abstained from commenting formally on Reznikok’s provocative remarks.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said it’s “traditional” for the ministry “to comment on serious things” alone.

Separately in a message to hegemon USA and NATO, Russian  Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said Russia’s state-of-the-art Sarmat ICBM is expected to replace Voevoda in 2022 — the world’s heaviest/most destructive missile at this time.

Sarmat will be capable of carrying up to 10 tons of thermonuclear or other payload.

It can breach US, NATO, and other missile defense systems.

According to Tass, “(i)t can fly by unpredictable routes and bypass missile defense areas.” 

“It can fly over the North and South Pole and approach targets from directions that are not envisaged for interception.” 

“Sarmat can carry a line of reentry vehicles, including hypersonic Avangard gliders.”

Its breakthrough technology “means to counter missile defense” systems and deliver a hugely destructive payload is unmatched by any other world community country. 

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