Children Endangered by Flu/Covid?

Children Endangered by Flu/Covid?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Big Lies repeated ad nauseam take on a life of their own.

On issues mattering most, it’s standard fare on US/Western propaganda TV and in print — lies, Big Lies, and damn lies featured daily.

The worst of television fake news and mass deception is featured daily on the Corrupted News Network, CNN — why it’s widely reviled and distrusted. 

An earlier Project Veritas undercover video exposed its bald-faced Big Lies on air. 

They’re featured round-the-clock daily on multiple issues, manipulating viewers to know nothing instead of truth and full disclosure to keep them informed.

On major issues mattering most, all rubbish all the time is featured, journalism as it should be banned by its management and editors.

On all things flu/covid, its daily rubbish hit a new low, including on a Wednesday fake news report, saying:

“Students heading back to the classroom for the new school year will be contending with one of the most dangerous times in the (nonexistent) pandemic for children (sic),” adding: 

“(O)fficials will have to consider many measures to keep them safe from” nonthreatening garden variety seasonal flu-renamed covid as part of state-sponsored, media spread Big Lies and mass deception.

More below on CNN’s latest fake news report.

Ignored by establishment media across the board is that when children, adolescents and young adults contract flu/covid, full recovery is nearly 100% certain.

Even for adults over age-70, the recovery rate is 95%.

According to truth-telling science, nothing remotely justifies mass-jabbing for a viral illness that’s safely and effectively treated by a choice of non-jabbing protocols.

The worst option for children and all others is treatment with Pharma’s heavily promoted, hazardous to health flu/covid jabs.

Yet according to CNN’s resident medical fraudster Leana Wen:

“We have the more contagious delta” scariant (sic).

“We have (nonexistent) surges (sic).”

“We have so many adults letting down their guard (sic), not wearing masks (sic), not getting” jabbed with heavily promoted health-destroying toxins.

“That’s contributing to this really dangerous environment for children (sic)” that doesn’t exist.

Wen gets feature CNN air time to spread fake news and mass deception about all things flu/covid.

She’s paid to lie and suppress what’s vital for everyone to know.

The same applies across the establishment media landscape — a collective lying machine that’s contemptuous of journalism as it should be.

Truth-telling medical experts and scientists are banned on their airwaves and in print.

Everyone dissenting from the fabricated official narrative is considered persona non grata.

Fake news proliferators like CNN lie, deceive and otherwise betray viewers by suppressing what’s vital to report.

It lied claiming that flu/covid jabs “are an important step for slowing or stopping the spread of the virus (sic).”

Shunning jabs is crucial to protect and preserve health.

So is ignoring delta scariant fake news that’s all about fear-mongering refuseniks to join others who self-inflicted from flu/covid jabs.

Biden’s double sounded buffoon-like saying:

He “understand(s) (sic) that the reason children are becoming infected (sic) is because…they live in low-(jabbing) rate states and communities (sic), and they’re getting it from un(jabbed) adults (sic).

The vast majority of children, adolescents and young adults are near risk-free from becoming infected.

If otherwise, they’re easily treated without jabs and virtually sure of recovering fully.

CNN, the NYT and other establishment media go all-out to promote what harms health, not the other way around.

They long ago lost credibility on all major issues, shunning them crucial to avoid being lied to, deceived, and kept uninformed on what’s important for everyone to know.

Aside from media critiques to hang them on their own Big Lies, I’d “prefer a new edition of the Spanish Inquisition than” be forced to watch and read their rubbish — with attribution to Lerner and Loewe’s My Fair Lady.

A Final Comment

In response to CNN’s hit piece on Joseph Mercola, he explained that he’s falsely considered “the No. 1 superspreader of (flu/covid) misinformation,” adding:

Like a similar NYT hit piece on him, the cable channel relied on enemy of truth-telling Imran Ahmed, “an unregistered foreign agent,” Mercola explained, adding:

His hate-mongering war on truth and full disclosure is “used by (establishment) media and (US) government officials to target and harass citizens and strip them of their constitutional rights.”

His co-called Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) “appears to have been created with dark money for the purpose of political hit jobs” on truth-tellers.

It “has ties to British intelligence,” no double the CIA as well.

CCDH, likeminded groups, and establishment media want truth-tellers on the most cutting-edge issue of our time discredited and silenced.

Based on how they operate, they likely want the First Amendment and all other international and constitutional freedoms abolished — ruler/serf societies replacing them in the West and worldwide.

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