The NYT: Press Agent for Mass Extermination

The NYT: Press Agent for Mass Extermination

by Stephen Lendman – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The mother of all scams depends on establishment media support.

Without it, all things flu/covid fake news wouldn’t have gotten out of the starting gate.

The scam couldn’t have been launched by US/Western dark forces — knowing it would be DOA without press agent fear-mongering mass deception manipulation of the public mind.

The NYT is in the vanguard of print media managed news misinformation and disinformation on all major issues.

Virtually all things flu/covid and other rubbish it calls fit to print isn’t fit to read.

What it supports harms health, well-being and virtually all else that just societies hold most dear.

Fake news/mass deception is its stock and trade.

Featured in daily editions, its management and editors prioritize keeping the public uninformed and misinformed about what affects their health, well-being, and fundamental freedoms — notably about all things flu/covid, especially about toxic jabs.

On Thursday, the Times again defied science, falsely calling toxic flu/covid jabs “highly effective at preventing severe illness and death (sic).”

Reality is worlds apart from the above Big Lie.

The Times quoted angel of death/CDC director Walensky’s defiance of reality, falsely calling so-called breakthrough infections of the jabbed “extremely rare (sic).”

According to science, most infections occur in jabbed people.

The CDC and other US public health agencies have known this all along but suppressed it.

They knew that flu/covid jabs increase breakthrough infections — the more people jabbed, the greater the number of infections.

Establishment media know the above but refuse to report it, suppressing all things harmful from flu/covid jabs, concealing what’s vital to know from public view.

Turning truth on its head, the Times falsely said the following:

“Serious (flu/covid) infections among (jabbed) people have been relatively rare (sic) since the start of the (jabbing) campaign (sic).”

“Fully (jabbed) people have made up as few as 0.1 percent of and as many as 5 percent of those hospitalized with” flu/covid (sic). 

They are “as many as 6 percent of those who have died (sic).”

As usual, Times fake news has things backwards — in cahoots with US/Western dark forces with unparalleled depopulation in mind. 

The Times and likeminded media support health-destroying flu/covid jabs — instead of exposing and denouncing the scam.

Responsible for supporting irreversible harm to countless millions, many thousands of lives lost, Times management and staff should be indicted, prosecuted and convicted for promoting all things flu/covid.

The same goes for other establishment media, complicit in mass murder. 

The Times turned truth on its head, falsely claiming that jabs “have done a remarkable job at protecting a vast majority of people from serious illness” when polar opposite is true.

On Wednesday, angel of death Walensky defied science by falsely claiming it’s safe to jab pregnant women — knowing it’s profoundly unsafe to mothers and their unborn.

Saying no risk of miscarriage exists is a bald-faced Big Lie. The risk is overwhelming.

According to a flu/covid task force whistleblower earlier, jabs pose a high risk of preterm births, miscarriages, and spontaneous abortions.

What the CDC and establishment media know they suppressed.

Instead, the agency falsely said that “(n)o evidence exists of risk to the fetus from (jabbing) pregnant people with non-replicating (drugs) (sic).”

“(P)otential risks of (flu/covid jabs) to the pregnant person and the fetus are unknown (sic), because these jabs have not been extensively studied in pregnant people.”

Evidence of harm to mothers and the unborn is known and mounting.  

Yet CDC epidemiologist Sascha Ellington defied science by falsely saying that “the benefits of (jabs that don’t exist), and known risks of (flu/covid) during pregnancy and high rates of transmission right now, outweigh any theoretical risks (sic) of” jabs.

There’s nothing “theoretical” about growing numbers of harm to pregnant women and their unborn.

Numbers of flu/covid outbreaks in the US and West are unknown because all sorts of unrelated health issues are mislabeled this viral illness, including pneumonia.

Nothing reported about seasonal flu-renamed covid can be taken at face value.

Jabs destroy health, not the other way around.

Phony claims otherwise are part of state-sponsored/media proliferated fear-mongering mass deception.

Along with mass-extermination on an unparalleled scale, what’s going on in the US/West is driving a stake through the heart of free and open societies, with eliminated altogether in mind — full-blown tyranny replacing them.

A Final Comment

Law Professor Francis Boyle slammed flu/covid jabs by email, saying:

“Either the Frankenshots do not work or (they’re) working to give their victims” flu/covid.

They’re working to harm jabbed people, along with increasing flu/covid outbreaks.

Boyle added that “Pharma and Fauci are making a killing off us all.”

They’re profiting greatly at the expense of irreversibly harming everyone jabbed — the human toll suppressed.

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