Surging Flu/Covid Outbreaks in Israel

Surging Flu/Covid Outbreaks in Israel

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Haaretz on Tuesday, 78% of Israelis were jabbed for flu/covid (more than 5.8 million people), most double-jabbed (over 5.4 million).

Nearly 578,000 were triple-jabbed.

Yet flu/covid outbreaks are surging in the country.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) reported the following:

“Over the last few weeks, a steep increase in the number of new cases confirmed with (flu/covid), and increase in the number of severe cases is demonstrated in Israel,” adding:

“(N)ew cases across the country and the steep rate of contingency might require a significant response.”

“Since August 5, the Ministry of Health is recommending a third (jab) for people suffering from immunocompromised conditions, older than (age)-60 and for residents of long term care facilities at high risk or (age)-40” or older.

“Since August 8, some (eased) restrictions” were reversed.

Indoor and outdoor face masks are mandated in “places where more than 100 people gather.” 

“Green badge (passports are required) for hotels, restaurants, events and conferences, gyms and cinema.”

Unjabbed Israelis must show a negative PCR test result in the last 24 hours to enter public places, proving nothing.

Arriving travelers in the country (including Israeli citizens) are quarantined for 8 days. 

Two negative PCR tests are required to end it — even though results are meaningless according to how they’re administered.

On Friday, Israel’s health ministry approved triple jabs for Israelis aged-50 and older, along with health workers, others considered immunocompromised, prisoners and prison staff.

Defying science, health minister Nitzan Horowitz falsely called toxic jabs and rejabs safe and effective (sic).

“We’re in a race against (a nonexistent) pandemic, and the most effective tool at our disposal” is jabbing and rejabbing, he falsely claimed.

Outbreaks in the country, including serious cases, are at a six-month high and rising.

As more Israelis are jabbed and rejabbed, outbreaks are increasing instead of the other way around.

Yet what’s clear from hard evidence is ignored in Israel, the West and elsewhere, policies mandated and recommended harming the public by defying science.

Commenting on Israel’s worsening situation, the Wall Street Journal falsely attributed rising outbreaks to the delta scariant.

It cited Israeli health officials warning of another lockdown if more booster jabs aren’t administered — what’s causing increased outbreaks.

In other countries with high mass-jabbing rates, outbreaks are also increasing.

Jabbed individuals comprise the majority of outbreaks.

Claims otherwise from establishment media suppress reality.

As booster jabs in increase, so do numbers of outbreaks.

Virtually everything mandated and recommended in the West, Israel, and other nations following their protocol harms health instead of preserving and protecting it.

In Israel, jab and mask police patrol to assure that harmful to health policies are followed, fines assessed on violators. 

As long as draconian policies continue in nations mandating them, things will keep worsening with no end of what’s going on in prospect.

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