US-Installed Afghan Puppet Regime Nears Collapse

US-Installed Afghan Puppet Regime Nears Collapse

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Taliban fighters already control most all key Afghan cities.

Kabul, the nation’s capital, is next on their list to capture, its fall imminent.

On Sunday, their fighters surrounded and entered the city, according to Afghanistan’s interior ministry. 

See below for updated information on this development.

Fast-moving developments in and around the city came hours after the Taliban gained uncontested control over Jalalabad on Sunday morning — along with roads connecting Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Taking the city came a day after capturing Kandahar and Herat — the country’s second and third largest cities — followed by gaining control over Mazar-i-Sharif nearly uncontested on Saturday.

Since July, their fighters captured large parts of the country with little or no resistance by overwhelming overmatched government forces.

A Taliban source urged Kabul residents to be calm, offering safe passage from city to residents wanting to leave.

Separately, a Taliban statement called for taking the city without force, adding:

“(N)egotiations are underway to ensure that the transition process is completed safely and securely, without compromising the lives, property and honor of anyone, and without compromising the lives of” city residents.

Another statement offered reassurance to city businesses, property owners and others that their possessions are safe.

Defying reality ahead of the city’s imminent fall, US-installed puppet president Ghani’s chief of staff tweeted the following:

“Please don’t worry (sic).” 

“There is no problem (sic).” 

“The situation of Kabul is under control (sic).”

Ghani’s whereabouts on Sunday is unclear. 

He either fled the city with others or is hunkered down for safety, perhaps in the US embassy.

At a time of fast-moving developments early Sunday, Afghanistan’s puppet regime only controls five of the country’s 34 provincial capitals.

Perhaps by end of the day, it’ll have lost control of Kabul.

The battle for control of the country may end in short order — given how quickly Taliban fighters are advancing with little or no resistance.

Pentagon forces reportedly began  evacuating US embassy personnel by helicopters.

According to an unnamed Biden regime source, “people (are) leaving now.”

Most “embassy staff are ready to leave.”

On Sunday, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said the following:

“Our forces have not entered Kabul city, and we just issued a statement saying that our forces will not enter Kabul city.”

“We are talking and awaiting a peaceful transfer – a transition of the capital city” without force.

“The Islamic Emirate instructs all its forces to stand at the gates of Kabul (from all sides), not to try to enter the city” until ordered.

Last week, the Pentagon estimated that around a month would pass before Taliban fighters pressured the city.

Now surrounded, they appear poised to enter and gain control at any time. Nothing stands in their way.

On Saturday, interventionist Blinken reportedly spoke to Ghani. 

According to a State Department readout, “(t)hey discussed the urgency of ongoing diplomatic and political efforts to reduce the violence (sic).”  

Blinken “emphasized the (Biden regime’s) commitment to a strong diplomatic and security relationship with the (US-installed puppet regime) and continuing support for the people of Afghanistan (sic) — ones Washington doesn’t give a hoot about and never did, especially post-9/11.

Separately, Blinken reportedly spoke to Afghanistan’s puppet high council chairman Abdullah Abdullah.

The State Department’s readout repeated what’s quoted above from Blinken’s call to Ghani.

On Sunday, Russia’s Sputnik News reported that Taliban fighters control all Afghan border crossings.

Kabul’s airport is the only way out of the country.

Transition of power appears imminent, Sputnik News reporting that Ghani will “step down in the coming hours.”

Other reports cited unnamed sources, saying he’s likely to resign and leave the country with family members.

One unnamed source said (puppet) “leaders are meeting as the situation is extremely bad,” adding:

Ghani “is still thinking over it and there is a possibility of him quitting (sic).”

Installed in September 2014 by the Obama/Biden regime — succeeding Bush/Cheney installed puppet Hamid Karzai — he’s virtually ousted from power already.

According to Afghan television on Sunday, Taliban representatives are negotiating a peaceful transition of power at Kabul’s presidential palace.

Tass quoted Taliban spokesman Shaheen, saying “we have good relations with Russia, and our policy is to ensure safe conditions for the functioning of the Russian and other embassies.”

In the coming hours, days at most, transition of power from US-controlled puppet rule of Afghanistan to Taliban empowerment appears certain.

Note: Russia’s RIA-Novosti news said Taliban fighters control Kabul University and raised their flag in one of the city’s districts on Sunday.

A video showed an Afghan commander surrendering his brigade, weapons and equipment to the Taliban on Kabul’s outskirts.

A separate video showed Kabul streets clogged with bumper-to-bumper traffic as residents rush to leave ahead of the Taliban’s takeover.

The battle for Afghanistan appears over except for postmortems and Biden regime intentions toward the country, the Taliban, and its people ahead.

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