Biden Regime Blame Game Falls Flat

Biden Regime Blame Game Falls Flat

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The illegitimate teflon Biden regime now stands criticized for abandoning Afghanistan and its long-suffering people.

Even staunch supporter of its power grab NYT editors slammed what they called “the tragedy of Afghanistan,” adding:

“It is all the more tragic because” the Biden regime abandoned “Afghans who worked with (US) forces…ending (their occupation in) chaos (with virtually no) forethought” for what may lie ahead.

The Times slammed puppet president Ghani for fleeing the country, adding:

“The Pentagon and…Congress…share…blame” with four US regimes, proving once again that Afghanistan is a graveyard of empires.

WaPo-published Afghanistan papers revealed deep-seated corruption, incompetence, indifference toward ordinary 

Afghans, and the US occupation’s flawed imperial project.

On Monday, its editors slammed Biden regime “blunders, (its) botched withdrawal…catastrophic spectacle.”

They compared the above to what they called the “sorriest episodes of US foreign policy history,” including the 1961 Bay of Pigs against Cuba and 1975 Saigon moment in South Vietnam.

The Biden regime’s blame game “shifting” of responsibility compounded 20 years of catastrophic damage to the country and its long-suffering people.

The regime failed to prepare for what some insiders saw as inevitable, its lightning speed alone coming as a surprise.

“US allies in Europe and Asia are dismayed at the (Biden regime’s) incompetent handling of…withdraw(ing) from Afghanistan,” said WaPo.

The Wall Street Journal slammed “defen(se)” of his regime’s Afghan pullout “amid bipartisan criticism  over the swift collapse of the government and the ensuing chaos.”

WSJ editors headlined:

“Biden to Afghanistan: Drop Dead,” saying:

He remains “defiant in blaming others for his Afghan debacle…(for ignoring) the chaotic, incompetent way the withdrawal (was) executed.”

“(D)efiant in surrender…the world (won’t likely) see it the same way…ahead.”

Biden regime hardliners “refused to accept responsibility for the botched withdrawal while blaming others.”

They blamed everyone but themselves.

Journal editors debunked the regime’s vow to support the Afghan people and human rights in country as “internationalist twaddle.”

The mess made of things by the US and what the Biden regime abandoned “does not bode well for” the Dem regime ahead.

In a Monday USA Today op-ed, former Obama/Biden regime director of global engagement Brett Bruen called for Biden/Harris to sack national security advisor Jake Sullivan and “shake up” the NSC.

The Biden regime “needs to fire (officials) who oversaw the botched execution of (US) withdrawal from Afghanistan,” he said, adding:

It “has to restructure how and with whom (it’s) making major foreign policy decisions, allowing for more input from career experts.”

“The disaster that unfolded in Afghanistan is illustrative of other major issues at the White House.”

“Things (are no) better at the State Department, where for the first time in a quarter century a current career diplomat is not in one of the top three jobs.”

The Biden regime “treat(s)” appointments to “posts as political party favors.”

Ahead of last weekend’s developments, Bruen called its foreign policy and plan for Afghanistan “a disaster.”

In a Monday opinion piece, senior Al Jazeera political analyst Marwan Bishara called the swift Taliban victory “a major humiliation for the US,” adding:

US regimes from Bush/Cheney to Biden/Harris “ignored the writing on the wall, prolonging the inevitable, while failing to prepare for it.”

For the past 20 years, US officials “deliberately deceived the (US) public into thinking” that all was going well in Afghanistan as their earlier counterparts did about Southeast Asian aggression.

Bishara noted that “since World War II,” US regimes lost one war after another — from North Korea to Afghanistan, and against other countries attacked since 1950.

His hoped for “silver lining” lesson for “Washington to avoid war at all cost in the future” is highly unlikely to be realized.

Its ruling regimes learned nothing from earlier failures, repeating them in new forms time and again.

The Biden regime remains at war by hot and other means against numerous countries.

Nothing suggests a change in US hegemonic aims ahead.

Only its eventual demise like all earlier empires in history is likely to halt its war on humanity — at home and abroad.

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