Fraudster Fauci’s Fakery

Fraudster Fauci’s Fakery

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Once a charlatan, always one, never to be trusted.

On all things flu/covid — and most all else public health related — the above applies to fraudster Fauci.

Perhaps the most disreputable public health official in US history — a con artist more than medical professional — he’s a longtime shill for Pharma’s interests, profiteering from the relationship while defrauding the public.

Yet he shows up regularly on propaganda TV — Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation.

On air, he’s given a platform to lie, deceive, and push health-destroying flu/covid jabs with depopulation in mind.

At a time when the heavily promoted pandemic is invented, not real, covid is seasonal flu renamed. 

Publicly mandated and recommended treatments are with health destruction in mind.

Fraudster Fauci Biden regime point man for pushing what’s vital to shun. 

On Sunday, he said “(w)e’ve got to get people” jabbed (sic) — at a time when about two-thirds of Americans refuse to go along with what he and other US dark forces promote with destroying public health in mind.

The delta scariant he pushes as part of his fear-mongering campaign is virtually the same as other flu/covid strains.

Hospitalizations he dubiously claimed are “overrunning” facilities are mostly people jabbed for protection not gotten.

Last year on CBS’ 60 Minutes, he said “(t)here’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

“When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think it is.”

“And often there are unintended consequences.” 

“People keep fiddling with the mask, and they keep touching their face.”

Now, of course, he’s touting masks he knows don’t protect and risk respiratory harm from longterm use.

On Sunday, he also falsely claimed “that we’re dealing with a public health crisis” that doesn’t exist, just an invented one as part of fear-mongering mass deception to scare people into getting jabbed with what demands shunning to protect health.

He lied calling health-destroying jabs safe and effective — “particularly with regard to preventing severe disease with hospitalizations and deaths (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite the above, including his Big Lie that breakthrough infections mostly affect the unjabbed — knowing it’s the other way around.

The “common enemy” he cited isn’t flu/covid, it’s fraudsters like him, others like him, Biden regime officials, congressional dark forces, their media press agents and Pharma profiteers.

Pushing boosters on top of double-jabbing is all about hastening the destruction of health, especially affecting the elderly and others with weakened immune systems — wanting them eliminated.

Following advice from Fauci and likeminded fraudsters is recommended only for those with a death wish.

Everyone wanting their health protected and preserved should shun and oppose his depopulation protocol — along with following reliable truth-telling sources on alternative media.

Ignore mainstream ones across the board, notably on propaganda TV and radio, as well as in print.

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