Media Ignored Nuremberg Code and Constitutional Law Principles

Media Ignored Nuremberg Code and Constitutional Law Principles

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Nuremberg Code principles are binding international and US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

Principle one states: “(V)oluntary consent of (all things health related) is absolutely essential” — no exceptions legally allowed.

Yet in flagrant breach of the above principle, US/Western dark forces and their media press agents go all-out pushing health-destroying flu/covid mass-jabbing with depopulation in mind.

On Sunday, anti-truth-telling CNN on all major issues claimed the flu/covid pandemic — that’s invented, not real — “presented a golden window to undermine confidence in the media” that lies, deceives and otherwise betrays the public trust by reporting fake news over the real thing, notably on seasonal flu renamed covid.

On propaganda TV, CNN is in the forefront of mind manipulation brainwashing.

It aims to convince viewers to self-inflict harm on the phony pretext of protection from jabs not gotten — in flagrant breach of the Nuremberg Code and overall rule of law.

On Monday, WaPo fear-mongering mass-deception claimed that the delta scariant “is coming for children (sic).” 

It lied saying masks that don’t protect and jabs designed to destroy health can protect them (sic).

Ignored by WaPo and other establishment media is that when children, adolescents and young adults contract seasonal flu now called covid, full recovery is virtually 100%.

The vast majority of the time, their restoration of health is without meds or minimal amounts what’s known to be safe and effective — no jabbing needed.

Like other establishment media, WaPo’s remedy is jab first, ask no questions, ignore the rule of law — forget about the Nuremberg Code and US Constitution.

It also pushes other involuntary flu/covid mandates that don’t protect and risk harm to health.

The Wall Street Journal slammed legal action to enforce Nuremberg Code principles and constitutional law, calling it unwarranted.

It lied claiming unjabbed people “are more than twice as likely” to contract flu/covid when it’s the other way around, according to science.

Like other establishment media, it sides with mandated flu/covid jabs for access to public places, knowing they’re designed to harm health.

Protecting it requires shunning jabs designed to destroy health, not protect it.

The NYT earlier promoted mandated jabs for employment, healthcare workers, students and faculty returning to classrooms, prison guards, police, firefighters, public school teachers, nursing home residents and staff, as well as everyone in contact with large numbers of people.

The above applies to the vast majority throughout the West and elsewhere.

Ignored is that what’s experimental, high-risk, and rushed to market with inadequate testing transforms users into Pharma guinea pigs.

The above defies science and the rule of law that’s been abandoned in pursuit of maximizing health destruction and depopulation. 

What’s experimental can’t be legally mandated.

Yet the Times, WaPo, the WSJ and other establishment media continue all-out support what flagrantly breaches the rule of law in pursuit of state-sponsored diabolical objectives.

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