Millions Harmed, Tens of Thousands Dead: Jabs Safe and Effective?

Millions Harmed, Tens of Thousands Dead: Jabs Safe and Effective?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to officially reported US, EU, UK data, millions of adverse events — many serious ones — and thousands of deaths followed flu/covid jabs.

Official numbers are a minuscule snapshot of far greater numbers of people harmed by jabs designed to irreparably destroy health and kill near-or-longer-term.

Yet today I received an online message from one of my medical providers, falsely warning about a “significantly more transmissible (sic)…and perhaps more lethal (sic)” delta scariant.

Ignored was science — explaining that all flu/covid strains are alike, differences among them too minor to matter.

There’s more.

The online message falsely claimed that health destroying jabs are the “most effective, tool against” the viral illness.

Citing the Pharma-controlled CDC, my provider touted “booster” jabs for vulnerable segments of society,  adding:

They’re “one of the most crucial ways to protect ourselves and each other (sic) from certain exposure (sic).”

“If…completely” unjabbed…reconsider (sic).”

The above message sounds like charlatan, fraudster, profiteer Fauci’s hyperbole.

This month alone, he went from touting (health destroying) booster jabs for the immunocompromised to pushing them for most everyone jabbed and double-jabbed months earlier, claiming their “efficacy (is) fading.”

Last week, he called for booster-jabbing most everyone ahead, pushing them for the general population.

Falsely calling them safe and effective like many times before, he defied science by claiming they’ll “keep you out of the hospital (and) prevent you from getting seriously ill (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite his bald-faced Big Lies and countless others like them — representing US dark forces, Pharma profiteers, and his own self-interest.

Jabs virtually assure health destruction, the more taken, the greater the harm inflicted, the higher the risk of contracting one or a combination of serious diseases, the sooner death may follow.

Protecting and preserving health requires shunning toxic flu/covid jabs.

Far more injuries and deaths followed them than all vaccines combined over the past 30 years.

Most people hospitalized for flu/covid were jabbed. Big Lies falsely claim otherwise.

Moderna admitted receiving 300,000 reports of adverse events from its mRNA jabs over a three-month period alone — numbers excluded from CDC VAERS data.

How many more hundreds of thousands or millions of adverse events have been publicly suppressed in the US, Europe and elsewhere?

I strongly agree with what Dr. Vernon Coleman explained in his 2011 book, titled:

“Anyone who says vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the proof.”

The same goes multiple times over for his free E-book, titled:

“Covid-19: The Fraud Continues”

He discusses how we’ve been scammed by seasonal flu with a scary new name.

Claimed to be caused a SARS-CoV-2 virus, scientists never found it, never isolated it in lab analysis despite years of research.

How can a disease be caused by a nonexistent virus?

Publicly reported numbers of outbreaks are artificially inflated as part of state-sponsored, media reported fear-mongering fake news.

What’s likely ahead should terrify everyone.

Will we be given a choice in the West — sacrifice health by toxic jabs or be denied access to public places, including employment, education, and free movement?

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off — with attribution to the decades earlier broadway show.

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“How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion, and Class War”


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