Biden Regime to Accelerate Depopulation in September

Biden Regime to Accelerate Depopulation in September 

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Based on fake news about waning immunity and the delta scariant, the Biden regime will begin distributing health-destroying booster jabs on September 20.

With accelerated draconian social control and depopulation in mind, health-destroying Pfizer/Moderna mRNA/gene altering jabs will initially be made available to double-jabbed Americans.

Boosters are for jabbing individuals about eight months after receiving a second dose of what no one should have gotten in the first place.

A fake news joint statement by Pharma-controlled HHS, CDC, FDA and other Biden regime public health officials said the following:

Flu/covid jabs are “remarkably effective in reducing risk of severe disease, hospitalization, and death (sic), even against the widely circulating delta” scariant.

According to peer-reviewed science, the above turned truth on its head, reality polar opposite the fake news claims.

The statement falsely added that “protection against severe disease, hospitalization, and death could diminish in the months ahead…among those who…were” jabbed and double-jabbed since last December.

US public health officials falsely “conclude(d) that…booster shot(s) will be needed to maximize… protection” eight months after double-jabbing.

They’ll also be for “many health care providers, nursing home residents, and other seniors.”

“Our top priority remains” elimination of maximum numbers of unwanted people at home and worldwide.

Saying “nearly all cases of severe disease, hospitalization, and death…occur among those not yet” jabbed is polar opposite reality.

Yet the Big Lie and all others related to the mother of all scams persist with no let up in prospect.

Most people, including medical providers, have been mind-manipulated to believe what destroys health protects it.

Everything officially reported about flu/covid is fake news — truth and full disclosure banned for dissemination, except through alternative sources that go their way, spreading truths, exposing Big Lies and mass deception. 

Toxic J & J boosters are coming later this year — the more jabs taken, the greater the harm to health, the sooner end of life will arrive.

That’s what mass-jabbing is all about — destroying health with mass extermination in mind on the phony pretext of protection not gotten.

Evidence shows that breakthrough cases comprise the majority of flu/covid outbreaks.

The more jabs administered, the greater the number of breakthrough cases showing up.

Promoting double and booster jabs is all about wanting maximum sickness, hospitalizations and deaths to fear-monger the unjabbed to join the health-destroying crowd.

Am I a domestic terrorist for remaining unjabbed to protect what I want preserved, not lost?

Will I and others like me be criminalized for doing the right thing?

Will we be called “violent extremists” that threaten US homeland security.

No internal or external homeland threats exist, none by activists against toxic mass-jabbing, wanting their health protected, not destroyed by toxic jabs.

According to media reports, flu/covid is here to stay.

Indeed so. Seasonal flu/renamed covid has been around for time immemorial.

Showing up annually like clockwork, it almost never was accompanied by draconian policies since last year, notably not a push for toxic mass-jabbing with depopulation in mind.

Will the US/West ever return to a semblance of normality?

Or is the draconian new abnormal here to stay, especially forever mass-jabbing to mass-infect and eliminate billions of unwanted people worldwide?

Western healthcare thrives on sickness. Wellness isn’t profitable.

Pharma profiteers and hospitals prioritize cashing in big on a bonanza of profits — at the expense of health and well-being.

Seasonal flu renamed covid is a way to achieve their aims, a gift that keeps on giving as long as Western and complicit regimes go along with the scam.

In my 9th decade, I’ll likely never see the end of it.

Younger generations will likely be stuck with it for years to come.

Intolerable conditions reflect the new abnormal. 

Under totalitarian rule, full-blown tyranny is where things are likely heading — what remains of free and open US/Western societies to be eliminated altogether.

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