Calls for Ending a Free and Open USA

Calls for Ending a Free and Open USA

by Stephen Lendman 

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America pre-2020 no longer exists.

Tyrannical rule replaced it —  heading toward becoming police state-enforced full-blown at warp speed.

The Biden regime is incrementally heading toward federally mandating health-destroying flu/covid jabs — by denying constitutionally affirmed free movement and restricting access to public places.

In early August, (Un)Scientific America (SA) fake news falsely called toxic jabs “lawful (sic), effective (sic), and based on rock-solid science (sic).”

Reality is policy opposite the publication’s Big Lies.

Mandatory jabs flagrantly breach international and US constitutional law.

There’s nothing safe and effective about them, according to science, not its pseudo-version SA cited.

Last Sunday, fraudster Fauci called for “forget(ting) about personal libert(ies)” and the rule of law.

He called for mass-jabbing most everyone — with depopulation from health-destroying toxins in mind.

What he, other Biden regime officials, Pharma ones and other corporate bosses won’t touch for themselves and family members, he wants pushed on billions of unwanted Americans and others worldwide.

A notorious serial liar, he defied reality by falsely claiming that the unjabbed are largely to blame for flu/covid outbreaks when it’s the other way around.

In early August, extremist San Francisco Chronicle (SFC) editors called for flu/covid jabs to be “the price of admission to society,” stressing:

“(L)et’s force the issue by” mandating this policy — abolishing the rule of law if this policy is instituted.

It cited fraudster Fauci’s Big Lie claims that health-destroying jabs are safe, effective, and the way to end “pain and suffering (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite the above mass deception malarkey. 

SFC editors repeated the Big Lie claim that the unjabbed “account for over 95% of hospitalizations and deaths (sic).”

The above and related Big Lies take on a life of their own by media-proliferated repetition.

Unjabbed individuals are safest from contracting flu/covid, the jabbed most vulnerable to fall ill from the virus.

On Fox News, Dr. Byram Bridle said it’s “absolutely untrue to (claim there’s) a pandemic of the” unjabbed.

He called for halting jabs because of the hazards to health they pose.

“We have known for a long time that the spike protein (in jabs) is pathogenic. (It’s) a (health-destroying) toxin,” he stressed.

Everyone jabbed is vulnerable.

In Israel where flu/covid outbreaks greatly increased, medical director of Jerusalem’s Herzog Hospital Dr. Kobi Haviv said fully jabbed individuals comprise the majority of new cases.

SFC’s claim that “70%” of bay area adults are jabbed at least once most likely is fake new like the official Big Lie about over 60% of Americans jabbed when the true figure is little more than half this number.

The Chronicle supports making the US more of a police state than already by mandating jabs for access to public places and facilities — exclusion from society for the unjabbed.

A choice between exclusion by protecting health v. access by sacrificing it is no choice at all.

A Final Comment

The self-styled newspaper of record finds new ways to humiliate itself.

On Wednesday, it once again defied science, common sense and knowledge by falsely claiming that “wearing a mask can help your child learn in school (sic).”

The writer and editors responsible for approving this rubbish should be sacked.

The same applies to most everything in its daily propaganda editions — journalism as it should be banned.

Not only do masks not protect and risk respiratory harm from longterm use, they’re a distraction from classroom instruction and learning, not the other way around.

Wearing them long hours daily is uncomfortable and obstructs normal breathing.

Professor of Physics Denis Rancourt explained that no studies exist to show the benefit to health from face masks.

They don’t work as falsely claimed.

Critical care physician/public health expert Pascal Sacre explained that “(c)ontinuous wearing of masks aggravates the risk of infection.”

“(S)cientific and medical analysis” proved it.

Masks become “a perfect culture medium for infectious agents (bacteria, fungi, viruses).”

Their longterm use “is a scientific and medical aberration!”

Scientific research shows that “about a third of workers developed headaches with the use of masks.”

Pre-existing headaches “were aggravated by wearing (them), and 60% needed pain medication to relieve it.” 

Claims by the Times, other establishment media, and Western public health officials about health protection from flu/covid by masks turned science on its head.

As for aiding classroom learning by students, it’s hard imagining that anyone would make this preposterous claim when reality is polar opposite.

Yet the Times to its embarrassment and disgrace went there anyone —adding to its resume of Big Lies and mass deception on all things flu/covid and virtually everything else of importance.

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