Sino/Russia on Afghanistan

Sino/Russia on Afghanistan

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

China and Russia are poised to benefit from hegemon USA’s lost Afghan war.

What was known years ago is now in plain sight for all to see. 

Despite pouring trillions of dollars down a black hole to create the illusion of imperial project success, the only surprise is how quickly things unraveled.

According to Beijing’s central Asia expert Zhu Yongbiao:

China “benefited from (hegemon USA’s) irresponsible behavior…” 

Its lost Afghan war “deeply undermined (its) international image  (and) relationship (with) allies” and world community of nations.

Once again on the world stage, the emperor stands declothed.

Remarks by Russian central Asia expert Arkady Dubnov were similar to Zhu’s, saying:

“We can align our interests (with China) in opposing” Washington’s imperial project. 

“What is good for us is bad for Americans.”

“What’s bad for us is good for Americans.” 

“Today the situation is bad for Americans and so it is good for us.”

After 20 years of US aggression, occupation, exploitation, mass slaughter, vast destruction, production of illicit drugs for global trafficking, and torture prison high crimes against targeted Muslims, its Afghan imperial project ended in humiliating defeat.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the following on whether the Kremlin will recognize Taliban governance:

Moscow is “not in a hurry,” he explained, adding:

After speaking to his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on this issue, their “positions overlap,” he said.

“We are seeing encouraging signals from the Taliban.”

They’re “saying they want to have a government with the participation of other political forces.”

“(T)hey stand ready to continue the processes, including (what) involve(s) education for girls and functioning of the state machine in general.”

Kabul streets remain “calm…(T)he Taliban are effectively enforcing law and order.”

It’s “too early to talk about any unilateral political steps on our part.” 

“We support the beginning of an all-encompassing national dialogue with the participation of all Afghan political ethnic and religious forces.”

Russia seeks “agreement whereby Afghans will form inclusive transitional bodies as an important step towards fully normalizing the situation in this long-suffering country.”

China’s deputy UN envoy Geng Shuang said Beijing “hope(s) that the Taliban (will unite) all parties (to establish) a political framework that meets the national conditions of Afghanistan and lays a foundation for long-lasting peace.”

Unnamed regional diplomats believe that China and Russia will aid Afghanistan’s reconstruction and development as long as Taliban rule does not conflict with their interests.

Key for Beijing and Moscow is ensuring that the country doesn’t pose a cross-border terrorist threat.

On Wednesday, Wang Yi said “(t)he situation in Afghanistan changed overnight.” 

“What happens next will depend on the policy direction of the Taliban.”

Its leadership said “they would solve the problems faced by the people and satisfy the people’s aspirations.”

“This is sending a positive signal to the outside world,” adding:

Taliban pledges must be translated into visible policies and actions.

The Taliban must “cut off from all terrorist forces with a clear attitude and take measures to combat international terrorist organizations.”

In late July, Wang said Taliban leadership and officials are “an important military and political force in Afghanistan and (are) expected to play an important role in the country’s peace, reconciliation and reconstruction process.”

According to China’s Global Times last Sunday, Beijing can “contribute to post-war reconstruction and development (in Afghanistan through its) Belt and Road Initiative when safety and stability are restored in the war-torn country.”

Its vast mineral wealth is potentially worth trillions of dollars.

China and Russia can benefit greatly by aiding its development at the expense of Washington and the West.

At Russia’s June St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin warned that hegemon USA is following a self-destructive path similar to what led to Soviet Russia’s dismemberment.

US politicians and bureaucrats resemble Soviet apparatchiks. 

They enjoy unrestricted privileges denied to ordinary Americans.

The same goes for high-level Wall Street and other corporate officials.

Since WW II, the US has been perpetually at war on humanity by hot and other means.

Post-9/11 — especially since last year — it’s been at war on its own people.

Police state totalitarian rule is heading toward full-blown tyranny at warp speed — a free and open USA disappearing in plain sight.

Activists wanting their health and rights protected are considered domestic terrorists.

Establishment media are enemies of truth and full disclosure on issues affecting the lives, rights, safety and welfare of ordinary Americans.

Barbarians are us describes hegemon USA.

Like other empires in history, it’s sowing the seeds of its own demise.

A combination of imperial arrogance, extreme inequality, ruinous military spending, forever wars on humanity, money printing madness and refusal to change its wicked ways heads the US for a fate like Soviet Russia and history’s other empires.

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