The Most Diabolical Regime in US History

The Most Diabolical Regime in US History

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)   

Worse than Ulysses S. Grant, than Warren G. Harding, than Abraham Lincoln.

That’s right, Lincoln — perhaps the worst of a long line of rogue US presidents until Biden was illegitimately installed and represented by a know-nothing double with mass-extermination on an unparalleled scale in mind.

That’s the disturbing reality of today’s USA, a rogue state exceeding the worst in world history.

In his day — despite no constitutional authority to wage war — Lincoln provoked the Fort Sumpter attack and began war between the states for economic reasons, not to end slavery.

The bloodiest conflict in US history — while ongoing, Lincoln assumed dictatorial powers.

He suspended the Constitution and habeas rights, closed courts, arbitrarily ordered arrests, conscripted US citizens without congressional consent, and shut down newspapers opposing his policies to suppress hard truths.

His Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free a single slave. 

The great emancipator was hardcore racist.

He wanted Blacks deported at war’s end to maintain America as a white supremacist society.

History taught in the US at all levels of education conceals the nation’s dark side.

Historian Howard Zinn wrote his People’s History of the United States to explain what’s suppressed by educators — except in courses taught by truth-tellers like him.

US history as it should be taught isn’t pretty.

Zinn explained the extermination of Native Americans, the unpopularity of the Revolutionary War, the audacity of top leaders, including the nation’s founders.

No glorious group were they. A self-serving Wall Street crowd best describes them — compromised of duplicitous rich white men, not populists or civil libertarians. 

They were politicians, lawyers, bankers, and merchants, as well as land and slave owners.

Instead of establishing governance of, by and for everyone equitably, democracy as it should be was banned in favor of rule by rich white men owners of the nation.

The Constitution’s Bill of Rights was all about protecting their interests exclusively.

Native Americans were to be exterminated from sea to shinning sea — to make way for white supremacist development.

Women were treated as homemakers, child bearers and rearers alone.

Blacks were considered commodities, not people.

Michael Parenti explained that the founders protected the rights of America’s “bourgeoisie (to) invest, speculate, trade and accumulate wealth” — the way things are today.

Presidents and key congressional members are more selected than elected.

The vast majority of Americans have no say over how they’re governed.

Today, it’s at a time when what little remains of a free and open society is fast disappearing, tyranny replacing it, wrapped in the American flag — a mind-manipulated complacent public largely going along with their own demise.

On Wednesday, Biden’s double called for Pfizer/Moderna double-jabbed Americans to permit more of their gene-altering toxins to be jabbed into their bodies — with expedited depopulation in mind.

Reciting a litany of bald-faced Big Lies scripted for him, he turned truth on its head, falsely claiming the following:

Fraudsters Fauci, Walensky, and likeminded Pharma-connected rogue elements — opposed to protecting and preserving public health — “announced…booster shots for every fully (jabbed) adult American (sic).”

Claiming it’s to “boost” immunity and increase “protection” from flu/covid are bald-faced Big Lies.

So is adding that “(i)t’s the best way to protect ourselves from new (scariants) that could arise (sic).”

The longer-term diabolical plan is for all unwanted Americans and others worldwide to be jabbed, double-jabbed and booster-jabbed at regular intervals until irreversible harm to their health can no longer sustain life.

Reciting his scripted lines, the undemocratic Dem regime falsely and maliciously claims that what’s all about destroying health “will make you safer…longer, and…will help…end the (fake) pandemic faster (sic).”

What’s all about unprecedented social control and mass-extermination has nothing beneficial about about it.

Warts and all, America pre-2020 no longer exists, state-sponsored/media-supported tyranny replaced it.

Resist or lose all rights and perish are the only alternatives. 

There’s nothing in between ahead.

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