Flu/Covid Outbreaks Surge in Mass-Jabbed Israel and Elsewhere

Flu/Covid Outbreaks Surge in Mass-Jabbed Israel and Elsewhere

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israel is one of the world’s most highly jabbed countries for protection against flu/covid — not gotten.

On Monday, Haaretz reported that over 78% of Israelis were jabbed.

Yet outbreaks in the country are surging, mostly among jabbed Israelis.

The number of serious cases is at six-month high.

Efforts to contain outbreaks by booster jabs made a bad situation worse.

Jabs greatly increase the risk of contracting the viral illness, not the other way around.

Like its US/Western counterparts, the Bennett regime urged unjabbed Israelis to get theirs.

Like the US beginning in September, it’s pushing booster jabs recklessly.

Ignored is that the more jabs administered, the greater the number of outbreaks.

The CDC calls Israel a high-risk country — US citizens advised against traveling there.

On Thursday, Haaretz said Israeli doctors are ‘buckl(ing) under the load” of flu/covid outbreaks as “calls from patients soar.”

Family doctors have been “pushed…to the brink of crisis.”

The same applies to overloaded Israeli hospitals.

The remedy not taken is cessation of jabbing.

If not authorized earlier, Israel would have been spared its current dilemma.

Booster-jabbing double-jabbed Israelis assured greater numbers of outbreaks.

If the trend continues because of the rage to jab and rejab, Israel’s healthcare system could collapse.

The same holds for mass-jabbing and rejabbing elsewhere.

“We’re exhausted,” said one Israeli doctor. “The public is insanely worried, and we have to deal with it.”

Another doctor said that pre-2020 clinic work was calm and orderly.

Since seasonal flu was renamed covid, “yelling and cursing” increased because of high anxiety over what’s going on.

All of the above is contributing to burnout among doctors.

Israel’s health ministry expressed concern about a worsening situation.

Will booster-jabbing in the US and West cause their healthcare systems to buckle?

What’s gone on since jabbing began last December is causing numerous physical and emotion illnesses.

They’ll surely increase in proportion to numbers of jabs administered. 

Nobel laureate virologist Luc Montagnier explained health destruction from jabs.

Instead of protecting against flu/covid, they’re “feed(ing) (and spreading) the virus,” he said.

What he called an “unacceptable mistake…a scientific (and) medical error” continues with reckless abandon.

“(H)istory…will show that (jabbing) create(s) variants” — future ones perhaps to be resistant to current treatments.

It’s a phenomenon called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) that enables a virus to enter cells and worsen disease.

It’s happening in the virus that causes flu/covid.

Montagnier refuses to be jabbed with what he knows harms health.

By letter to Israeli Supreme Court justices, he called for suspending mass-jabbing, saying the following:

“I would like to summarize the potential dangers of these vaccines in a mass vaccination policy.”

“1. Short-term side effects: these are not the normal local reactions found for any vaccination, but serious reactions involve the life of the recipient such as anaphylactic shock linked to a component of the vaccine mixture, or severe allergies or an autoimmune reaction up to cell aplasia.”

“2. Lack of vaccine protection:”

“2.1 Induction of facilitating antibodies  – the induced antibodies do not neutralize a viral infection, but on the contrary facilitate it depending on the recipient.” 

“The latter may have already been exposed to the virus asymptomatically.” 

“A low level of naturally induced antibodies may compete with the antibodies induced by the vaccine.”

“2.2 The production of antibodies induced by vaccination in a population highly exposed to the virus will lead to the selection of variants resistant to these antibodies.” 

“These variants can be more virulent or more transmissible.” 

“This is what we are seeing now. An endless virus-vaccine race that will always turn to the advantage for the virus.”

“3. Long-term effects: Contrary to the claims of the manufacturers of messenger RNA vaccines, there is a risk of integration of viral RNA into the human genome.” 

“Indeed, each of our cells has endogenous retroviruses with the ability to reverse transcriptase from RNA into DNA.” 

“Although this is a rare event, its passage through the DNA of germ cells and its transmission to future generations cannot be excluded.”

“Faced with an unpredictable future, it is better to abstain.” 

Noted professor of medicine, editor-in-chief of two medical journals, and author of hundreds of peer-reviewed articles, Peter McCullough MD minced no words saying:

Flu/covid mass-jabbing “will go down as one of the most deadly, one of the most injurious and costly (medical procedures) in human history.”

Separately he said jabs are “far and away the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected into a human body in American history.”

What’s going on is “bioterrorism.”

Jabs deliver health-destroying “spike proteins…to the human body.”

Doctors are unwittingly “doing unthinkable things, like injecting biologically active messenger RNA that produces this (health-destroying) spike protein.”

State-sponsored “misinformation and propaganda (is being) used to drive an incredible fury of (jabbing) mandates” for increasing sectors of society in the US and West.

Citing crisis conditions in Israel, McCullough stressed that jabbed Israelis comprise the majority of outbreaks.

Much the same is happening in Britain. Despite most people in the country jabbed, flu/covid hospitalizations increased 7-fold since June.

Jabbed Brits comprised most deaths from the virus.

Evidence is clear. Jabs cause illness instead of protecting against it.

Jabbed individuals are spreading illness to others.

Flu/covid is safely and effectively treatable with non-jabbing protocols.

Following them avoids the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths.

Yet US/Western public health officials and establishment media suppress information about them.

McCullough is “deeply worried and concerned (about) the future of America and also deeply afraid of loss of freedom of speech and of scientific discourse.”

“There are deep threats out there to doctors who are really doing their best—to help patients and save lives.”

Yet the Federation of State Medical Boards threatened US doctors who treat flu/covid patients safely and effectively. with

Falsely accused of spreading “misinformation,” they’re threatened with loss of their license to practice medicine.

Flu/covid jabs are profoundly unsafe, McCullough stressed.

Promoting and using them is a gross breach of medical ethics.

Americans, their Western counterparts and others are being lied to and mass deceived.

Staying safe requires shunning their health destroying mandates and advice that are all about wanting maximum harm inflicted on maximum numbers of people.

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