US/West’s Final Solution

US/West’s Final Solution

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

What goes around, comes around.

Nazi Germany’s final solution to exterminate unwanted millions arrived in the US and West in new form — with intent to eliminate billions of people worldwide.

That’s what health-destroying flu/covid jabs are all about — millions already harmed in the West alone, tens of thousands eliminated, numbers rising exponentially with no end of planned genocide on an unparalleled scale in prospect.

There’s no ambiguity about what protects and preserves health — polar opposite what’s going on.

Virtually everything mandated, urged and promoted about seasonal flu’s scary new name is with intent to destroy what’s too precious to lose.

None of it is with the other way around in mind.

State-sponsored horrors abound in the US alone at the federal, state and local levels — none of it to protect public health, all of it going the other way.

What’s gone on since early last year is the most diabolically ever conceived mass-extermination plot against humanity in world history.

Nazi Germany’s final solution was a drop in the bucket compared to the intent of US/Western dark forces.

Along with what’s happening abroad, protests are occurring in US cities and towns against mandatory jabs for healthcare workers and others, for access to pubic places, including employment and education.

On Thursday, LifeSite News said “thousands across the US (are) protesting against” mandated flu/covid jabs.

In California, hundreds of nurses and other healthcare workers demonstrated in Sacramento, the state capital.

Similar protests occurred in Los Angeles and Orange County.

One nurse likely spoke for many others, saying the following:

“When patients come in for procedures, we give them the choice whether or not to submit to the procedure we’re recommending and so they have the right to refuse,” adding: 

“That’s in their patient consent form, and we want that same right.” 

“(I)f we feel (flu/covid jabs are) not right for us, we should be able to make that decision for our own body.”

“We never gave up medical autonomy to anyone else.” 

“We have autonomy over our own bodies to give ourselves what we feel is proper medical treatment for our condition.” 

“And if we don’t want the (jab), we shouldn’t have to take it.” 

Draconian California public health policy — with intent to destroy it — mandates toxic jabs for all public and private healthcare and education staff.

Nearly all other undemocratic Dem governors mandated similar draconian policies.

So have many hospitals and corporate employers — mindless of irreversible harm to health caused by experimental, inadequately tested toxic jabs.

On August 16, Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis announced the following:

Proof of toxic flu/covid jabs are “require(d) (of) all attendees at home games.”

Mandatory jabs are also required for Allegiant Stadium staff, as well as for the team’s employees.

Unjabbed ticket holders can get theirs on site, refuseniks prohibited from attending games.

Hundreds of US colleges and universities mandated medical tyranny for students, faculty and others on campus.

On August 19, Quinnipiac University announced the following:

Unjabbed students face weekly fines — up to $2,275 per semester — and suspension of wi-fi access, adding:

“If you provide evidence that you’ve received your first shot but not the second…you will not be charged as long as you are fully (jabbed) by September 14.”

On Wednesday, the Biden regime mandated jabs for nursing home staff nationwide.

Refusenik homes will lose Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Diabolical Washington state policy mandates toxic jabs for public and private school teachers, as well as other education personnel — as a condition of employment, refuseniks to be fired.

Tucson, Arizona’s police union sued city authorities in response to an ordinance requirement for all employees to be jabbed.

Refuseniks face suspension or sacking.

On Tuesday in Chicago where I live, the Department of Public Health destruction re-instituted indoor mask-wearing for jabbed and unjabbed city residents aged-2 or older — based on Big Lies and mass deception, saying:

“With the highly transmissible delta (scariant) causing case rates to increase (sic), now is the time to re-institute this measure to prevent further spread and save lives (sic).”

“Masks are required in all indoor public settings, including bars and restaurants, gyms, common areas of condos and multi-residential buildings, and private clubs.”  

They’re “mandatory on public transportation, in healthcare settings, schools, and correctional and congregate settings.”

Left unexplained is that masks provide ZERO protection from viral droplets able to penetrate them like water through a sieve.

If happens, wearers inhale them in concentrated form, leaving them vulnerable to contracting the illness they’re unprotected from.

The same goes for plastic shields, sheeting, and space-suit-like headgear.

Providing ZERO protection, they risk exposure to viral droplets in more concentrated form.

They also impede normal air flow and ventilation, risking respiratory harm in addition to the same risk from mask-wearing longterm.

On all of the above, mandated and urged solutions create health-related problems instead preventing them.

That’s the disturbing reality about all things flu/covid — especially toxic jabs with destroying health in mind.

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