Fake News About Nations with Surging Outbreaks

Fake News About Nations with Surging Outbreaks 

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Nations with the highest percent of their people jabbed have the largest percentage of flu-covid outbreaks.

Jabbed individuals are most vulnerable to contact the viral illness.

Unjabbed ones are safest by keeping their bodies free from health-detroying toxins.

Official reports  — repeated by establishment media — aim to falsely shift blame for outbreaks to where it doesn’t belong.

The Big Lie persists about infections spreading among the unjabbed —polar opposite reality.

On Thursday, NYT fake news downplayed surging flu/covid outbreaks in Israel.

Noting it has one of the world’s highest infection rates, it falsely attributed them to “waning” protection from earlier jabs — knowing it’s from double-and-booster jabbing.

Curbing outbreaks requires cessation of their cause, what the Times and other establishment media fake news suppressed.

Instead, the Times supports accelerated booster jabs — what’s sure to make crisis conditions worse.

The same holds for US and other Western societies.

With increased jabs come greater numbers of outbreaks, more serious ones, hospitalizations and deaths.

According to Israel’s chief innovation officer Ran Balicer — involved in advising the Bennett regime on all things flu/covid:

“(T)he (earlier) paradigm was that Israel is (one of) the most (jabbed) countr(ies) in the world, that (jabbed) people rarely become infected (sic), that even more rarely do they become severely ill (sic).” 

So “with very few precautions in place, the population was very close to herd immunity (sic).”

Given a surge in outbreaks, Balicer falsely attributes them to new scariants like Delta — ignoring their real cause.

The same goes for the Times, falsely claiming that jabs “help prevent severe illness in those who do become infected (sic).”

Everyone jabbed, rejabbed and booster-jabbed in Israel and elsewhere risks viral infection that for many will be serious.

That’s what toxic Western drugs arae designed for — to destroy health, not protect it.

Surging outbreaks in Israel and elsewhere have nothing to do with the delta or other scariants, everything to do with toxic Pfizer or Moderna gene-altering mRNA drugs.

Claims of their safety and effectiveness were always fake news.

Even the Times cited unnamed experts, saying that “early assessments (of these drugs were) not…scientifically prove(d)” — the information buried well into its article where most readers likely missed it.

Israeli public health expert Nadav Davidovich was quoted, falsely saying “(w)hat we are doing now, we needed to do in July (sic).”

What’s been done for the past eight months created Israel’s worsening public health crisis.

No “rising danger” exists in societies, communities or neighborhoods that shun toxic jabs and related health hazards.

Nations most heavily jabbed have been harmed most.

There’s no ambiguity why. Yet science is ignored in the West, Israel and elsewhere.

According to the Times, “Israel is now pinning its hopes on booster shots (sic)” — what’s certain to make a bad situation worse.

It’s compounded by risk of respiratory harm from longterm use of masks that don’t protect and other obstructions to normal daily life.

A Final Comment

US hospitals sacked medical and other staff for refusing to self-inflict harm from health-destroying jabs.

Growing numbers of facilities find themselves short-staffed for imposing draconian mandates.

If hospitals are overwhelmed with flu/covid patients and inadequately staffed to handle things, perhaps they’ll begin to recognize the error of their ways and correct it.

If increased numbers of medical and other staff rebel against mandated jabs, hospitals will have to rescind the policy.

That’s a good thing that could spread to other segments of society.

Draconian mandates and practices only work if most people obey them.

If the other way around because of pushback, all things flu/covid that harm health will sustain a major body blow, perhaps serious enough to reverse them.

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